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    The NEXTSTEP/OpenStep FAQ
                           THE NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP FAQ
     * 1 Introduction
     * 2 General information
     * 3 What is ...
     * 4 Miscellaneous information
     * 5 Black (NeXT) hardware
     * 6 White (Intel) hardware
     * 7 Storage
     * 8 Printing
     * 9 Obsolete but still interesting?
1 Introduction

   1.2 About this FAQ
   1.3 Submissions
   1.4 Availability
   1.5 Copyright
   1.6 Disclaimer
   1.7 Thanks
2 General information

   2.1 Information available but not in the written FAQ version
   2.2 Where to get answers?
   2.3 How may I contact NeXT, Inc.?
   2.4 FTP servers
   2.5 Software on CD
   2.6 What is the current status of NEXTSTEP/OpenStep?
   2.7 Will there be a public implementation of OpenStep?
   2.8 Are there differences between Openstep for Mach and other
   2.9 What information is available by NeXT
   2.10 What is the correct spelling?
   2.11 How do I start an official NeXT User Group?
   2.12 Are there differences in the NEXTSTEP implementations?
   2.13 What are the names of the ftp sites that have NeXT-related files?
   2.14 Additional information sources
   2.15 How to get FTP files via e-mail.
   2.16 References on Objective C
   2.17 How to contact music interested people.
   2.18 How to announce upcoming events
   2.19 Can I mix different hardware running NEXTSTEP?
   2.20 Can I exchange software running on different hardware?
3 What is ...

   3.2 Mach
   3.4 Objective-C
   3.5 NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP Developer
   3.6 D'OLE
   3.7 PDO --- Portable Distributed Objects
   3.8 EOF --- Enterprise Objects Framework
   3.9 WebObjects
   3.10 Rhapsody
   3.11 WWW Browser
   3.12 Newsreader
4 Miscellaneous information

   4.1 How do I get pictures of people from remote sites to appear in and NewsGrazer?
   4.2 How to manipulate and examine default settings
   4.3 How do I run NextApps remotely?
   4.4 Why does UUCP hangs on outgoing connections after sending the
   password, but other communications software do not have a problem
   with it?
   4.5 How do I access the NeXT's Digital Webster Dictionary from a
   4.6 How do I get the arrow keys to work in csh?
   4.7 What default affects menu location?
   4.8 How to get Gourmet to boot up the Mathematica 2.0 kernel?
   4.9 Manipulating the Loginwindow
   4.10 How does one set UNIX man pages to be viewed in nroff format with
   DL like the standard manual pages in NS2.x?
   4.11 Appending a signature and addition headers to your e-mail
   4.12 How can I quickly find a file if I don't know its directory?
   4.13 suddenly stopped working!
   4.14 Recycler doesn't work anymore?!
   4.15 How to hear sound from thought NEXTSTEP system?
   4.16 How do I decompress a file with the extension .compressed?
   4.17 How do I change the Workspace compression app?
   4.18 console: loginwindow: netinfo problem - No such directory.
   4.19 Root login not possible on client machine
   4.20 How to boot NEXTSTEP from the second (higher SCSI ID) HD?
   4.21 How to make swapfile shrink to the normal size?
   4.22 Does netinfo work between machines running NEXTSTEP 2.x and 3.x?
   4.23 Why does the console user "own" the external disk filesystem?
   4.24 How to limit coredump sizes?
   4.25 What is the maximum value of nbuf that I can specify on bootup?
   4.26 How can I change the mouse pointer shape and color?
   4.27 How do I customize BuildDisk to create a bootable disk of my own
   4.28 Are there any more dwrites useful for the workspace, ...?
   4.29 What is the @LongLink message from gnutar all about?
   4.30 What stands the file .place3_0.wmd for?
   4.31 How to create transparent icons with IconBuilder
   4.32 How to access the MAC format of a mixed DOS/MAC CD-ROM
   4.33 Is there a PPP for NEXTSTEP
   4.34 NIS and OpenStep
   4.35 System overloaded due to swapping
   4.36 Swapfile issues
   4.37 Garbage collection and Objective-C
   4.38 Setting up an anonymous FTP server
5 Black (NeXT) hardware

   5.1 What disk drives will work with the NeXT?
   5.2 Will a 68030 NeXT Computer run NEXTSTEP 3.3?
   5.3 Does a FUJITSU MO (256 MB) works with NeXT original Hardware?
   5.4 Can I run my SCSI-2 disks in synchronous mode?
   5.5 How do I configure my HP 660 to boot properly?
   5.6 What is the procedure for installing a Fujitsu M2263SA/SB SCSI
   Disk as the NeXT Boot Disk?
   5.7 How to mount a corrupted OD that won't automount?
   5.8 What non-NeXT CD Players that work with a NeXT?
   5.9 What are some other sources of toner cartridges and trays for the
   NeXT laser printer?
   5.10 What printers (laser or otherwise) may be used with a NeXT?
   5.11 What can I do to prevent my NeXT printer from running all the
   5.12 What type of microphones will work with the NeXT?
   5.13 How do I connect a modem to the NeXT?
   5.14 Are there any alternative sources for the SCSI-II to SCSI-I cable
   required to attach external SCSI devices to the 040 NeXTs?
   5.15 What fax modems will work with the NeXT?
   5.16 How may I attach more than two serial ports to the NeXT?
   5.17 What is the best and/or cheapest way to connect a NeXT to a thick
   5.18 How can I connect my NeXT to the telephone line and use it like
   an answering Machine?
   5.19 What color monitors can I use with the Color NeXT machines?
   5.20 Where can I get 13W3 to BNC adapters to connect third party color
   5.21 How may I attach Centronics or 16 bit wide parallel ports to the
   5.22 Why does an unused serial port consume cpu?
   5.23 How to adjust MegaPixel Display brightness and focus?
   5.24 I want to emulate a macintosh, how?
   5.25 My NeXT laser printer fails to fully eject the sheet - how to
   5.26 What are the NeXT mouse connections?
   5.27 What type of memory may be installed in a NeXT?
   5.28 What is the NeXT SIMM tool?
   5.29 Where can I purchase a NeXT machine?
   5.30 Where to obtain hardware service?
   5.31 What types of NeXT machines were manufactured?
   5.32 What can be done about older 030 NeXT cubes that have a fan that
   turns in the "wrong" direction?
   5.33 Can I connect SONY MPX-111N to my 68030 NeXT Computer?
   5.34 Why does the OD continually spin up and spin down?
   5.35 How many colors can NeXT machines display?
   5.36 Why is my machine so slow when I run the monochrome and
   NeXTdimension displays?
   5.37 Where to obtain replacement mouse parts?
   5.38 Where to obtain extra batteries?
   5.39 How to convert a Turbo system to use ADB?
   5.40 68030 board in the same NeXTcube as a 68040 board?
   5.41 How to expand DSP memory?
   5.42 How to boot a NeXT without a monitor?
   5.43 Where can I get black spray paint for my NeXT?
   5.44 What makes aged NeXT monitors dim?
   5.45 How to use two internal hard drives
6 White (Intel) hardware

   6.1 What about support for NeXT Computer specific hardware features
   such as the DSP?
   6.2 Do Multi-Architecture Binaries take a lot of extra disk space?
   6.3 How difficult is it to recompile existing NeXT applications over
   to NEXTSTEP/Intel?
   6.4 When developing programs, are there any portability issues I
   should be aware of?
   6.5 What is the difference between the NEXTSTEP/Intel User Environment
   and Developer Environment?
   6.6 If a specific I/O card is not supported by NeXT, can 3rd parties
   write drivers for NEXTSTEP/Intel?
   6.7 How is NEXTSTEP/Intel installed?
   6.8 Will NEXTSTEP/Intel run on 386 machines?
   6.9 Will NEXTSTEP/Intel run on the Cyrix 486SLC?
   6.10 Will NEXTSTEP/Intel run on the future Intel Microprocessors in
   the x86 family?
   6.11 Will NEXTSTEP/Intel run on portable computers?
   6.12 Will NEXTSTEP/Intel be able to run MS-DOS and Windows programs?
   6.13 How will my DOS and Windows applications perform under
   6.14 Is the window I use to run Microsoft Windows applications
   6.15 Will this DOS/Windows compatibility system allow me to run
   several DOS programs at once?
   6.16 Can I cut and paste between DOS/Windows sessions and NEXTSTEP
   6.17 Can I use both DOS and NEXTSTEP/Intel partitions on the same hard
   6.18 Can NEXTSTEP/Intel read, write, and format DOS and Mac floppies?
   6.19 NEXTSTEP/Intel 3.1, DOS, Linux/NT multi-boot system?
   6.21 NS 3.2 Tseng ET4000 Video Driver doesn't work.
   6.22 Accessing ROM monitor on Intel-System, how?
   6.23 Adaptec 2940 Fast and Sync. SCSI explanation...
   6.24 Do EIDE-Drives work with NEXTSTEP?
   6.25 Anyone have a driver yet that does 8 bit color on an ET4000/w32p
   card? (Hercules Dynamite Pro VLB)
   6.26 Does a Glidepoint pointing device work with NEXTSTEP?
   6.27 AppleTalk under NEXTSTEP/Intel?
   6.28 Booting hangs with black screen
   6.29 Why are the features of my graphic card useless?
   6.30 How to use MIDI without the MusicKit?
   6.31 Installation problems with EIDE and ATAPI drives
   6.32 Error message during boot time
   6.33 Does NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP run with ...
   6.34 RAM greater 64MB, now I get a black screen!
   6.35 Lost root password
7 Storage

   7.1 Disktab help needed: ST15230N
   7.2 Formatting DEC DSP3105 with 1024-byte blocks.
   7.3 My formatted disk has much less space then advertised!
   7.4 Can't initialise my disk within the Workspace
   7.5 Initialing Opticals for NeXT
   7.6 How to use a tape drive ?
   7.7 How to recover from an partially formatted disk?
   7.8 What about the ZIP drive?
   7.9 How to partition a 4GB drive
   7.10 How to mount/ignore a disk during boot
   7.11 Can't read multisession CD-ROMs!
8 Printing

   8.1 What printers (laser or otherwise) may be used with NEXTSTEP?
   8.2 What fonts can I use with NEXTSTEP?
   8.3 How can I save my printable documents to a postscript file?
   8.4 How can I print only the even or odd pages of a document?
   8.5 How do I get banner pages on my printer output?
   8.6 How do I get [la]TeX files to print correctly on non-NeXT
   8.7 What if I have a PostScript font has not been ported to NEXTSTEP?
   8.8 What color printers (laser or otherwise) may be used with
   8.9 How can I make the Page Layout default to A4 in all applications?
   8.10 /usr/lib/NextPrinter/Server/pstf: syntax error at line 31: `end
   of file' unexpected?
   8.11 How to get TeX with NEXTSTEP to make proper fonts for a 600 dpi
   8.12 How to get printer description files (PPD)?
   8.13 What are the Canon part numbers for ink cartridges equivalent to
   those NeXT's Color Printer uses?
   8.14 JetPilot does not work with my JetDirect box, why?
   8.15 powering down NeXTprinter during bootup, printer still works
   8.16 How to set up the HP LaserJet 4M?
   8.17 Laserwriter NTX & NEXTSTEP
   8.18 Problems with gray levels in printout
   8.19 Can't print using additional fonts
9 Obsolete but still interesting?

   9.1 Where can I get NeXT paraphernalia?
   9.2 Is there any way to change the text in the title bar of a terminal
   9.3 I can't get my pictures in OmniWeb
   9.4 How do I remap the and | keys on my keyboard?
   9.5 How do I stop NeXTMail/Sendmail adding &Mcirc;s onto the end of
   9.6 Why does NEXTSTEP 1.0 hang a few seconds after attempting to boot?
   9.7 Modem hangs under NS2.0 by incoming calls
   9.8 NS2.0 doesn't recognize /LocalApps path
   This document was converted from LaTeX using Karl Ewald's latex2html.

    The NEXTSTEP/OpenStep FAQ
   ! to the table of contents
                               1 INTRODUCTION

   This is now preliminary version of the FAQ. It hasn't been updated for
   2 years. Because I was lacking to update it on a regular basis, I'm
   now struggling to continue working on it. So be aware, that most
   information isn't still up-to-date! (In fact it's sometimes more than
   2 years old). However I believe, I've rechecked a lot and most
   information should be correct. Please let me now, if you discover any
   wrong information.
   This FAQ is going to be updated monthly, at least on the Peanuts Web
   site. Postings to the newsgroups might change, because the FAQ is
   really huge now (over 110 pages, using >200kB).
   Please excuse misspellings, wrong grammar, etc. English isn't my
   native language and I have only school knowledge.
   Have fun!
1.2 About this FAQ

   These are the frequently asked questions concerning NeXT, NeXTSTEP or
   any other NeXT related topics.
   This compilation is meant primarily as a service to the (
   and community.
   NeXT Software,Inc. was a privately held company, heading towards
   software business. It sold NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP its award winning OS
   and several other software packages (most included with NEXTSTEP):
   EOF, NEXTSTEP Developer, WebObjects, NetInfo, ...
   However all properties of NeXT Software, Inc. are now owned by Apple
   Computer. Apple is still distributed the NeXT software and currently
   developing a new operating system based on the NeXT technology, code
   name: Rhapsody.
   The latest version is OPENSTEP (based on the white paper 'OpenStep'),
   which runs not only on top of Mach (as NEXTSTEP does) but also on
   Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 95, HP-UX. The user of NeXT's software is
   confronted with a wide range of different software and hardware.
   To help in the unaware user, this FAQ was founded. But also
   professional users might find some interesting information, which they
   didn't knew already.
   Note that NEXTSTEP,OpenStep and Rhapsody questions often concern
   related topics like Objective-C, UNIX, administration tasks, etc. for
   which already separate FAQs do exist. See the new.answers newsgroup
   for additional FAQs, if your problem isn't covered by this FAQ.
1.3 Submissions

   As with all FAQs the quality of the information provided here is
   mostly depending on the Usenet community, which in most cases serves
   for the information resource. Feel free to e-mail the FAQ author to
   contribute, or send error reports.
   If you contact the author, use the following subject for submissions:
   FAQ submission. To report errors use: FAQ error. Additionally you
   might want to add the chapter where the submission/error report
   belongs to.
1.4 Availability

   This FAQ is published monthly in the* newsgroups and in
   the near future news.answer.
   It may be downloaded via FTP from Special
   additions for redistributors and homeusers do exist.
   This FAQ may be accessed only through Peanuts as well:
   In the near future we want to implement an e-mail service for those
   who don't have access to news. You may add yourself to the mailinglist
   by sending an e-mail with subject: FAQ mailme. Note that this service
   isn't available, yet completely, because there is too little
   interested. However I keep a list of all the registered people and
   they will still receive e-mail copies.
1.5 Copyright

   This FAQ is copyrighted by Bernhard Scholz. (Internet e-mails:
   Mentioned trademarks belong to their holder and are not explicitly
   We do not collect any royalties, charge any fees, or compensate anyone
   in connection with this endeavor, but of course we would be happy
   about each e-mail commenting on the FAQ, about pizzas (lasagne is
   accepted, too :-) ), postcards, ...
   Anyway we reserve a copyright on the the published information in this
   FAQ. Any questions concerning other redistribution should be send to
   the author of the FAQ.
   Reprinting of this FAQ, even in parts, is prohibited without
   permission by the author except for printings for private use.
   Newsletter editors wishing to excerpt from this work for publication
   should consider using local electronic bulletin boards to disseminate
   this information rather than preparing hardcopies. This allows for
   readers to access the most recent information, and perhaps save a
   couple of trees.
1.6 Disclaimer

   Of course there is no warranty in any case using the information
   provided here. We haven't tested the information to be correct.
   We are not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this FAQ.
1.7 Thanks

   Especially we want to thank the Usenet community for contributing to
   the FAQ and all the people who have written us.
   Then I want to thank the people who worked on the FAQ before I did
   take them over (in order of working): Pascal Chesnais and Erik Kay,
   Nathan F. Janette, Maximilian Goedel (never released anything but
   cleaned up some things for me).
   Thanks also to Karl Ewald, who contributed his latex2html Perl script
   which replaced the non working original latex2html version.
                            2 GENERAL INFORMATION
   General information
2.1 Information available but not in the written FAQ version

   pinout patches
   There is additional information available for the following topics:
   mouse pinouts, monitor cable pinouts, common addresses, mousepointer
   patch, windowmanager patch.
   These inforamations are not included in the written FAQ, because they
   are considered rarely referenced resources and of not much use for the
   written FAQ. However you'll get these information when you download
   the whole FAQ via FTP or HTTP as a package for your computer. Please
   look at for further information.
2.2 Where to get answers?

   If you run into a problem, first read the FAQ of course :-) Second you
   might consider asking NeXT directly through the electronic service: Send an e-mail with subject: ascii help index to
   If all fails, post to the newsgroups concerning NeXT related topics:*,
2.3 How may I contact NeXT, Inc.?

   Next, Inc. Contacting NeXT, Inc. Address of NeXT, Inc.
   NeXT, Inc. can be reached under the following addresses.

        USA:    NeXT, Inc.
                900 Chesapeake Drive
                Redwood City, CA 94063
                Voice: 800-848-NeXT (Redwood City #)
                Voice: (415)-366-0900

        Japan:  NeXT marketing div. of Canon - Japan
                Phone:  (81)-44-549-5295
                Fax:    (81)-44-549-5462

        EUROPE: Munich:
                Phone:  (49)-89-996-5310

        UK:     Technology House
                Furlong Road
                Bourne End
                SL8 5AJ
                Phone: (44)-1628 535222
                Fax:   (44)-1628 535200

   Note: numbers abroad are listed with the country codes first. You will
   need to dial the international access number of your long distance
   carrier before proceeding to dialing the country code, area code and
   phone number.
2.4 FTP servers

   FTP Software
   The FAQ mentions a lot of software packages which you might find
   useful. In general there are two big sites serving Europe and the US.
   These sites keep most of the software available and do mirror
   themselves to keep up to date (although the structure of the archive
   differ). If the software isn't on one of these sites, the appr
   opriate site is listed in the text.
   If you get slow connections you might want to consider contacting a
   mirror of the both sites. For the Peanuts archive (Europe) the WWW
   pages give you links to an updated list of
   mirrors and other FTP sites.
   The addresses are: (formerly the archive) (Peanuts archive in Europe) (Peanuts mirror USA)
   (Peanuts mirror Switzerland)
2.5 Software on CD

   There are currently two CD (sets) which serve you with
   NEXTSTEP/OpenStep software:
   Nebula. Nebula is published by Walnut Creek and mostly contains actual
   recompiled software for all supported hardware platforms. It might be
   the best choice for those who don't own a compiler. A big font
   collection and a developer section complete the disk.
   Peanuts Archive Disks. The Peanuts FTP Archive in Munich distributes
   their complete NEXTSTEP/OpenStep archive on CD. This currently brings
   you 4CDs full with software. Although the software isn't compiled for
   each hardware (it is provided 'as uploaded') it is the most complete
   software and information resource available on CD. (It includes the
   NeXTanswers published by NeXT).,
   Fatted Calf CD-ROM. The Fatted Calf CD-ROM is published by Ensuing
   Technologies, LasVegas, Nevada. Currently I don't know it's special
   Big Green CD. Selected software for NEXTSTEP. Also this software is on
   any other CD, too. It might be a good startes collection.,
   Font Garden for NEXTSTEP CDROM. Some more fonts for computers running
   NEXTSTEP. These fonts should be capable of the NEXTSTEP encoding
   sheme. However we got noticed that only very few are ISO-LATIN_1. So
   it is possible of most interested to English speaking countries.
   Clips for QuickTime. Quicktime is NeXT's native format for movies, so
   some samples might be quite nice. Note: On the latest Peanuts Archive,
   you'll get about 200MB of quicktime movies which might be enough, too.
2.6 What is the current status of NEXTSTEP/OpenStep?

   status, NEXTSTEP status, OpenStep
   The third production version 3.3, has been released for Intel
   Processors (i486 and higher) as well as for NeXT hardware (not
   manufactured any longer but still supported), HP workstations and Sun
   OpenStep versions are announced and will be available this year (1996)
   for Windows NT, Windows 95, Mach, Solaris and hopefully HP-UX. The
   status for DEC machines and their OS (OSF/1, OpenVMS) is unknown. At
   least it is uncertain that there will be a port to OSF/1 or even
   OpenVMS, because DEC is doing the port alone. At least you can run
   OpenStep on DEC machines running Windows NT in the near future. For
   Sun's Solaris systems OpenStep will probably be part of the
   There will be no NEXTSTEP 4.0, because NeXT changed the naming
   conventions. NEXTSTEP 4.0 (also sometimes referenced as 'Mecca') is
   now named 'OpenStep for Mach'
2.7 Will there be a public implementation of OpenStep?

   Yes, there is a project by GNU. The so named GNUStep is available in
   pre-alpha state from the archive sites. Be aware that it is not fully
   functional and currently requires Motif.
   In its current state, GNUStep is on it's way to port the FoundationKit
   completely. This alone makes it worth to give it a try.
2.8 Are there differences between Openstep for Mach and other implementations?

   Yes there are. OpenStep for Mach will include all the well known
   features from NEXTSTEP (Services, Filters, SoundKit, ...) which the
   other implementations will lack, due to the underlying OS.
   To get all the benefits which is offered in NEXTSTEP today, you need
   to go for OpenStep for Mach.
2.9 What information is available by NeXT

   information NeXT
   NeXT, Inc. now operates an automatic e-mail response system. Send
   e-mail to "" with the subject

        "ascii help index"

   to start.
   If you do have access to the world wide web, you even want to try the
   following URL:
2.10 What is the correct spelling?

   NeXT did (and probably will) change their naming conventions a lot.
   E.g. NEXTSTEP is the current correct spelling for their operating
   system. With the shipping of OpenStep, there will be no more NEXTSTEP,
   but OpenStep for Mach/Solaris/HP-UX/Windows95/Wind
   Incorrect spellings are: NeXTSTEP, NeXTstep, NeXTStep.
   A common shortcut used in the newsgroups is: NS for NEXTSTEP.
2.11 How do I start an official NeXT User Group?

   NUG user groups NeXT user groups To start a user group, just send
   e-mail to
2.12 Are there differences in the NEXTSTEP implementations?

   No, there are no differences beside the DSP, which is a hardware
   feature of NeXT computers. On other hardware platforms you have to buy
   additional hardware.
2.13 What are the names of the ftp sites that have NeXT-related files?

   FTP, servers
   There are too many to list them all, so are here are just a few.

        MIT GNU:

        MIT X:


2.14 Additional information sources

   Additional information Information, additional Every NeXT machine
   owner has access to manuals to a degree. Network and System
   Administration (NSA), for example contains answers to many of the
   questions asked to Some of the important man pages are
   reproduced in the NSA as appendices.
   User manuals were shipped with every NeXT. Additional copies available
   from NeXT (N6002/N6003/N6014/N6026) $25.
   The following books are available directly from NeXT:
     * Operating System Software
     * NeXTstep Concepts
     * NeXTstep Reference, v. 1
     * NeXTstep Reference, v. 2
     * Development Tools
     * Sound, Music, and Signal Processing: Concepts
     * Sound, Music, and Signal Processing: Reference
     * Writing Loadable Kernel Servers
     * Technical Summaries
     * Supplemental Documentation
   Unix man pages, which are included in the online docs.
   BSD unix documentation (MISC, PS1, PS2, SMM, USD). Available from to
   USENIX site members. A lot of this has been integrated into the NeXT
   documentation. Some of this is sorely missing. The SMM Unix System
   Manager's Manual is really useful!

        USENIX Association
        2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
        Berkeley, CA  94710
        USA +1 510 528 8649
        fax +1 510 548 5738

     * PS1 = Programmer's Supplementary Documents, Volume 1
     * PS2 = Programmer's Supplementary Documents, Volume 2
     * SMM = System Manager's Manual
     * USD = User's Supplementary Documents
   The SMM and the rest of the berkeley documentation are also available
   directly and for free via anon ftp e.g. from

   To format them properly for viewing and printing on the NeXT use nroff
   with the package indicated by the file suffix (e.g. to format the
   documentation file 0.t use nroff -mt 0.t).
   Adobe documentation. Available machine-readable by e-mail from Hardcopy available from Adobe Developer
   Support Line +1 415 961-4111 for a nominal charge. NeXT last shipped
   these as part of the 1.0a release; hardcopies appeared in 0.9
   Technical Documentation, were omitted in 1.0, and have returned in
   updated form in Supplemental Documentation of the 2.0 Tech Docs (which
   is not available on-line).
   Get NextAnswers for Digital Librarian from NeXT. The current versions
   are actually on or available via the mailserver at
   Get NeXT Support Bulletin from the archives. It is meant for support
   Another good source of information is the archives of previously
   posted notes from the* newsgroups. Note that since the
   split of, there is a group archive maintained at
   NeXTstep Advantage book is available electronically from the archive
   The file name is NeXTstepAdvantage.tar.Z; (its compressed size is
   about 1.3 megabytes; uncompressed, it's about 9.5 megabytes). It is a
   good introduction to the NeXT programming environment.
2.15 How to get FTP files via e-mail.

   FTP, e-mail access Some ftp sites are configured as an e-mail archive
   server. This means you can upload and download files via e-mail.

       Send mail to:

   (with the subject line help and you will get a complete description of
   this service)
   Submissions: Mail should be sent to with
   the subject of 'submission' (no ticks) if a person is submitting
   material to the archives. They need to include a 1-2 sentence
   description of the submission, the OS release the product runs on, and
   if it is source, binary, newsletter, etc.
2.16 References on Objective C

   Objective-C, documents Objective-C and other useful Object-oriented
   programming references:
   Budd, Timothy, An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
   (Addison-Wesley) [It discusses Smalltalk, Object Pascal, C++ and
   Cox, Brad J., Object Oriented Programming: An Evolutionary Approach
   ISBN 0-201-10393-1. (Addison-Wesley) [Note: 2nd edition - ISBN is
   0-201-54834-8 and has coauthor A.J. Novobilski]
   Huizenga, Gerrit, Slides from a short course on Objective-C available
   via anonymous ftp from:,, or

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