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                        THE  CANCER  FAQ
Please contribute to the FAQ! This is an evolving resource and is only as good
as you make it! If you have a source of online information about cancer that
is NOT listed above, nor referenced by any of the listed resources, please
contact me and let me know!  I am eager to make this list as comprehensive
and up-to-date as possible. Please keep in mind that mention on this list
DOES NOT imply endorsement!
Good luck, God bless you, and KEEP FIGHTING.  Informed, motivated patients
live longer!

Send an email to and have 1 line in the 
message body: afd add cancer faq 
Maintainer: E. Loren Buhle, Jr. Ph.D.
Revision Date: 4-Sept-1995

1. Where can I find information about cancer on the Internet?
2. What is the recipe for the "hot candy" to relieve mouth sores?

ANSWER 1.  ********* TABLE OF CONTENTS ***********
a. Announcements
b. CancerNet 
c. Gopher and WWW Resource List
     - Disease Specific Resources
     - Government Sites
     - Educational Institutions
     - Dedicated Cancer Resources
     - Other Resources
d. Commercial Online Resources
     - Compuserve
     - Prodigy
     - America Online (AOL)
     - NYU BBS for Brain Tumor Support and Research
     - Other Online Services
e. Non-Commercial Online Resources
     - FDA BBS
     - Med Help International
     - The Florida Coalition for Cancer Survivorship BBS
     - FidoNet
f. Online library catalogs (to help find books)
g. NetNews (Usenet)
h. Shareware Programs via FTP 
i. The Internet Health Science's Resources List 
j. The Better Information Group
k. Online Mailing Lists (Listserves)
l. The BMT Newsletter
m. The Powerlines & Cancer FAQ
n. Free Drug Program
o. The Texas Cancer Data Center


The purpose of the Clinical-Trial-Finder listserv is to help those
seeking clinical trials for any problem to communicate with hospitals
and other medical providers offering the same.  The list will be
moderated. Medical facilities are urged to subscribe to the list and
post detailed descriptions of trials they are conducting or intend to
conduct.  The more details given the better. Also, the trial's approval
by an appropriate authority should be shown. 

Patients or caretakers should post as much information as they are
comfortable describing as to medical problems for which they are seeking
a medical trial. 

Discussion in general of trials and medical problems should not be
posted to the list.  The idea is to keep the bandwidth at a minimum so
that all interested will keep watch for postings without feeling
overburdened by too much mail. 

To subscribe send to
the message
subscribe ctf 

Change in Ovarian Cancer Listserv (Sept 11, '95):
1) new name: Ovarian (to cover all Ovarian issues, not just ovarian-ca)
2) listserv:
3) how to subscribe: subject blank; message text should be:

   subscribe ovarian First-name Last-name

4) owner:
5) Date available: approximately Sept 1 but may be delayed with the upgrades
                   being done at St. Johns; the old one will run 
                   concurrently.  This may take up to a week after Sept. 1


                    +++   OVARIAN PLUS  +++
               Gynecologic Cancer Prevention News

            For all women and the people who love them

+   A newsletter dedicated to achieving and sustaining a significant 
reduction in the number of women who die from OVARIAN CANCER and other
gynecologic cancers, through education about:

      Prevention + Risk reduction + Screening + Early Detection +
              Psychosocial issues + Cancer politics

                       The primary focus of 
                           OVARIAN PLUS
                           ovarian cancer,
             which kills more U.S. women than all the other    
                 gynecologic cancers  c o m b i n e d


                         In the first issue:

     Ovarian Cancer & Infertility:  A.C. "CRAIG" EVANS JR., MD, PhD

       Washington Cliffhanger:  U.S. REPRESENTATIVE PATSY T. MINK

           The Birthday Present From Hell:  GINNIE LUPI

     Uncle Sam Plays Politics with Ovarian Cancer:  LAWRENCE E. GAWELL

            Homicide Trial Set in Milwaukee Pap Smear Cases 

                      +  Plus more news !  +

               ... Proudly accepting NO advertising ...
OVARIAN PLUS is published by Ceil Sinnex, a journalist. Sinnex brought 
the neglect of ovarian cancer to the attention of U.S. Rep. Patsy T. Mink 
in 1990, and backed Rep. Mink's successful drive to quadruple the 
ovarian-cancer research budget at the National Cancer Institute, 1992-1995.


                   + OVARIAN PLUS Medical Advisors +  

                          M. STEVEN PIVER, MD     
     Founder/Director, Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry
      Chief of Gynecologic Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute


                     A.C. "CRAIG" EVANS JR., MD, PhD
                      Gynecologic Oncology Division
                      Duke University Medical Center


                     ... No patronizing baby talk ...
                             OVARIAN PLUS

         is mailed in full text quarterly to paid subscribers
                             $50 a year 
                      ($40 before September 30)           
                             OVARIAN PLUS
                              P O BOX 498
                         PAAUILO HI 96776-0498
                  Ovarian Plus Online in synopsis only:
            World Wide Web arrangements are being worked out;
             Meanwhile, please check out these two Web sites:  




                        ... And no baloney! ...

        +  The only newsletter dedicated strictly to preventing
             ovarian cancer and other gynecologic cancers. +

+++++++++++++++++++++++++     O +   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++  
Email Request to: and include mailing address

------ - American Cancer Society, Calif Div

------ - National Childhood Cancer Foundation

------ - International Cancer Information Center (NCI)

------ - Office of Technology Assessment: Cost and
     Effectiveness of Prostate Cancer Screening

------ - German Cancer Research Center (Eng/Germ)

------ - American Medical Association

------ - Roxane Pain Institute

------ - My Prostate and Me: Dealing with
    Prostate Cancer

------- The Institute for Advanced
Studies in Medicine. Nutritional and Prevention articles, free second
opinion, etc. 

------- - NEW LOCATION of brain 
    tumor clinical trails list 

------- - Stanford
   University Division of Oncology

-------- - 1995 Malaysia Year of Cancer 
   Awareness, a joint project done by CanCare and Malaysia Online


|  CancerNet  |
CancerNet is by far the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of
information about cancer.  It is maintained by the (United States) National
Cancer Institute.  Included in this database is a well-maintained list of
other information sources, such as MEDLINE, so for most people this is THE
place to start.  Sources of information that are listed in CancerNet
are (usually) not repeated in this FAQ.
Send e-mail to:

No longer: [OBSELETE!!]
with no subject, and the word "help" as the message.  They will send you a
message explaining how to use the system.  They can also be reached by calling
the voice line: 1-800-4-CANCER.  For those without email access, they can send
out brochures and FAX'es.
CancerNet is available through voice phone, traditional mail, FAX, e-mail,
gopher, ftp, and World Wide Web (WWW).  Contact CancerNet via e-mail or 
voice phone for current access instructions.

|  Gopher and WWW  |
To get the most current Gopher/World Wide Web addresses of interest,
it's best to just get on and start searching.  To help you get started,
here's a list of servers that others have found useful.  The list may
not be up to date, but it should provide some good starting points.
If you don't know what Gopher and WWW are, look for some FAQ's in the
new users newsgroups or the gopher/WWW newsgroups, or contact your local
help desk or system administrator. A WWW resource address is identified
by having "http://" in the beginning of the address. A gopher server
has a "gopher://" at the beginning of the address.

**** Disease Specific Servers ****

Breast Cancer Servers
--------------------- -  Breast Cancer Information 
     Clearinghouse - Breast Self-Exam training
    material  from MED.I.A. Inc Medical Interactive Applications...very 
    good graphics! - Community Breast Health Project 
     in Palo Alto, California - Hotline for Breast Cancer Info - Breast Cancer Action in Ottawa, Canada - Avon's Breast Cancer 
      Awareness Crusade - A personal
         perspective on breast cancer and reconstruction shared in pictures 
         and words. - Navelbine
     Clinical Trial Information for Breast Cancer (NYU Medical School)
gopher:// - List of Women's Cancer
     Groups in the United States and Canada - National Lymphedema Network - Patient's Experience with ABMT for 
     breast cancer. - Sterling Clinical Resources
   Clinical Trial information - breast cancer

Gynecologic Oncology
-------------------- - Gynecologic Oncology Server at the 
       University of Washington in St. Louis - Patient, Heal Thyself

--------- -  OncoLink section on lymphoma" - Genetics of Hodgkins -
   Amanda is 28 and has just been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease. She 
   has put together a page containing her own story and all the major links to
   sources of Cancer information on the WWW including Cancernet, Oncolink

Multiple Myeloma Servers 
------------------------ - International Myeloma Foundation

-------- - UK cancer charity the "June 
         Foreman Melanoma Research Fund" - "A Brief Introduction to Skin
       Cancer, Ultra Violet Light, and the Hole in the Earth's Ozone Layer.
       What does it mean to you?"

Brain Tumors
------------ - This is a list of
      clinical trials and noteworthy treatments for adult glioblastoma
      multiforme  (a form of brain cancer). 
   NEW LOCATION: - Mass General Neurosurgical
        Service - Mass General Neuro-oncology
        Service - American Brain
           Tumor Association Home Page - W.M. Keck Foundation Center for Integrative
 Neuroscience (UCSF) - Univ. Southern California
 Neurosurgery - Emma Koenkev's home page (brain 
   tumor patient). - Whole Brain Atlas - The National Rehabilitation 
   Center Home Page

Prostate Cancer
--------------- - CoMed's Prostate Cancer WWW site - My Prostate and Me: Dealing with
    Prostate Cancer - Office of Technology Assessment: Cost and
     Effectiveness of Prostate Cancer Screening

Emotional Support, Bereavement
------------------------------ - Rivendell Resources sponsors Griefnet, a
   collection of resources of value to those who are experiencing loss and
   grief. - Internet 
   Resources for Physical Loss, Chronic Illness, and Bereavement - ChronicIllnet's section on cancer - A place to honor grief - DeathNet, an 
   international archive specializing in all aspects of death and
   dying -- with a sincere respect for every point of view.

General Cancer & Cancer-Related Servers

Government Servers
------------------ - NCI PDQ in HTML format - International Cancer Information Center (NCI) - NIH WWW server - The National Cancer Institute's WWW (USA) - HyperDOC at US National Library of Medicine - NLM Online 
     Information Services - Grateful Med Factsheets 
     Cancer Incidence and Mortality by Race/Ethnicity in California, 1988-1991 - International Agency for Research on Cancer
      The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) was established 
      in 1965 by the World Health Organization. IARC's mission is to 
      coordinate and conduct research on the causes of human cancer, and to
      develop scientific strategies for cancer control. The Agency is 
      involved in both epidemiological and laboratory research, and 
      disseminates scientific information through meetings, publications, 
      courses and fellowships. - US Dept of Toxic Subtances
     and Disease Registry (ATSDR) - public health programs concerning
     carcinogens - Food and Drug Administration (USA) - Environmental Protection Agency (USA) - The National Institute of Environmental Health 
     Sciences (USA) - US Department of Energy 
     Office of Human Radiation Experiments [CHANGED]
gopher:// - NIH gopher server

Educational Institution Servers
------------------------------- - Stanford
   University Division of Oncology - The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
gopher:// - Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant
      Program at Unviersity of Nebraska - Fox Chase Cancer Center - OncoLink, from the U. of Pennsylvania -
     Quick Information about Cancer for Patients and their Families (an index
     of many of the other resources on this list) - Le Journal du Cancer - Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York) - Thomas Jefferson Cancer Center (Philadelphia) - Hypermedia Clinical 
     Practice Guidelines for Cancer Pain - The University of Texas 
     M. D. Anderson Cancer Center - The University of Liverpool 
     CRC Oncology Research Unit - H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center Home Page - NYU Kaplan Comprehensive 
     Cancer Center - German Cancer Research Center, 
     Application of Positron Emission Tomography in cancer research - Emotional 
     Support Resources - University of Michigan Comp. Cancer Center
gopher:// - OncoLink, via gopher
gopher:// - M.D.Anderson (cancer center)
gopher:// - Dana-Farber (cancer center)
gopher:// - Sloan-Kettering (cancer center)
gopher:// - National Cancer Center Tokyo
gopher:// - IST (Nat Inst for Cancer Research) (Italy)
gopher:// - GWDG Goettingen
gopher:// - Stanford medical center

Dedicated Cancer Resources
-------------------------- - American Cancer Society, Calif Div - A Biopsy Report: 
   A Patient's Guide - The National Center for Genome Resources 
(NCGR) would like to announce our new Web pages regarding the Ethical, Legal,
and Social Implications (ELSI) of biotechnology. - National Childhood Cancer Foundation - CandleLighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance 
  Candlelighters CCFA is a non-profit self-help group composed of families of 
  childhood cancer, community volunteers, and healthcare professionals.

gopher:// - International Union Against Cancer - 1995 Malaysia Year of Cancer 
   Awareness, a joint project done by CanCare and Malaysia Online - Medicine OnLine provides healthcare professionals
    and consumers with in-depth educational information about specific
    diseases. Medicine Online debutes with more than 600 pages of original
    and current cancer infomation. This service also includes Listserve
    discussion groups for both healthcare professionals and patients. - TeleSCAN -- Telmatics Services in Cancer (European)
    TeleSCAN is the first European Internet service for Cancer research,
    treatment and education providing a hypermedia (World Wide Web)
    interface to primarily European information resources and services 
    related to Cancer. TeleSCAN is produced by the MARIA Project of the EU - International Agency for Research on Cancer - NEOPLASMA
   Journal of Experimental and Clinical Oncology 
   Edited by Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 
   Bratislava, Slovak republic -CancerGuide: Steve 
    Dunn's Cancer Information Page -  Darrel Kilius in Baltimore, MD Cancer 
    Patient Resource List, with an emphasis on sarcomas - EMF-Link (ElectroMagnetic Forces) - CANSearch: A 
     Guide to Cancer Resources on the Internet (National Coalition for 
     Cancer Survivorship) - A Memorial to Tom Mandell
     and his interaction with cancer, constructed by William Calvin 
     (TIME Online)

Other Resources
--------------- - Roxane Pain Institute - MedWeb:Oncology - Arlington Cancer Center (Dallas/Ft Worth) - List of Psychosocial &
    Support newsgroups - PharmWeb: Pharmacy Information Resources - Sandoz's WWW site, mostly
   containing information on transplantation and cyclosporine - Human Genetics WWW in 
    conjunction with the HUM-Genetics Listserve - Patient Advocacy Numbers - List of Medical Resources - HospitalWeb, a list of 
    WWW hospital sites on the Internet - EMF-Link, information on biological 
    and health effects of electric and magnetic fields (EMF) - SpeciaLove, a resource devoted to 
    patients & children with cancer to facilitate networking. This resource 
    is oriented to the family aspects of childhood cancer. Special Love, Inc. 
    started in 1983 by Tom and Sheila Baker, who lost their 13 year old 
    daughter to leukemia. - The Anthony Nolan 
    Bone Marrow Trust, a  leading centre for research and also runs the UK 
    register of potential donors. The more people there are on the register, 
    the better the chance of finding a compatible donor. This site references
    other BMT international BMT sites. - The Multimedia Medical
    Reference Library. - American Share 
   Foundation. This organization is involved in organ and tissue 
   donation and transplant. - PharmInfoNet(tm) is devoted to delivering useful, 
   up-to-date, and accurate pharmaceutical information to pharmacists,
   physicians, and patients. A section of Medical Sciences Bulletin deals
   with reviews of oncology drugs. - Total Pricing Systems Inc. has developed the "PPS 
   On-Line System". Its goal was to develop a flexible and extensible 
   system to present pharmaceutical information to the medical community 
   and the future home Healthcare market. - National Community of 
     Charitable Aviators. The Air Care Alliance is a nationwide
     association of humanitarian flying ACA members help needy patients
     travel to facilities where they are able to receive medical attention
     they would otherwise do without. - Life Extension Foundation
    The Life Extension Foundation is dedicated to the pursuit of a longer, 
    healthier lifespan. We provide our members with information about the 
    latest life extension research, products and therapies. - Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research - Kombucha Home Page - Burzynski Research Institute home page
    (home of the Antineoplastons - alternate medical info), including:
           * General Information About Brain Tumors
           * Clinical Trials for Adults with Brain Tumors
           * Clinical Trials for Children with Brain Tumors
           * Theory and History Behind Antineoplastons
           * National Cancer Institute Report on Antineoplastons

[Address: Burzynski Research Institute, 12000 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77082
 Phone: 713-597-0111, FAX: 713-597-1166] The Institute for Advanced
    Studies in Medicine. Nutritional and Prevention articles, free second
    opinion, etc. - Gerson Therapy - Simone's Shark Cartiledge - Source for Rare & Exotic Herbs [CHANGED] - Health sciences resources list

gopher:// - Global Biological Information Servers
      at Harvard - also by topic. - Alternate views of cancer
    treatment, chemotherapy, electromagnetism...
|  Commercial online services  |
Many online services have resources of interest to ca patients:

America Online (AOL):

American Cancer Society Online (Keyword: ACS) 
 Scientific American Cancer Journal (Keyword: Cancer J SciAm)
Online Support Groups:
"Living with Cancer", Sundays 7 PM EST
"Cancer Survivors", Mondays 10 PM EST
"Loved ones of Cancer Survivors", Tuesdays 7PM EST
To get to the forum room, go to the ACS area 
(Keyword: ACS or keyword: CANCER) and
select the Health and Medical Chat icon.


Cancer Forum - GO CANCER
Consumer Reports Drug Database - GO DRUGS
Health Database Plus - GO HLTDB
Knowledge Index - GO KI
MedSig Forum - GO MEDSIG
NORD Services/Rare Disease Database - GO NORD
Physician's Data Query - GO PDQ

Medical Support Board
        OTHER (breast implants)

  The NYU BBS for Brain Tumor Support and Research 
The head of Neurosurgery at NYU set up a commercial bbs system for
brain tumor sypport and research.  It is called:  Brain tumor on-line.
For information, call voice:  800-785-3312. It is pretty new, and not
many people are on it yet, but there are a few doctors from NYU and
the Mayo clinic - so it is a good source of info if you have a brain
  Other Online Services
At the time this FAQ was updated, no one has commented on the
quality of the cancer forums on other online services, but such
comments would be welcome.
  To Contact A Commercial Online Service Provider:
To start an account, contact the service of your choice.  Each
service can be contacted by voice through an 800 number.  Call
the 800 directory service (voice) at 800-555-1212 for the 800
number of the service you would like to try.  Most services offer
free or reduced-cost service for the first month of use.  You
might want to check recent computer-related magazines for
special offers and coupons.

|  Non-Commercial online services |

For information on specific drugs, you might try the FDA BBS
(U. S. Food and Drug Administration's Bulletin Board System).
Using the telnet facility, telnet to "", and
login as "bbs".
Technical Support is available for the FDA BBS System from
7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. EST Monday through Friday. For support,
contact the Parklawn Computer Center (PCC) at (301)443-7318.
If you are looking for a specific report or article, contact
the FDA Press Office at (301)443-3285.

6300 North Wickham Road
Suite 130, Box 188
Melbourne, FL 32940-2029
Voice: (407) 253-9048
Fax:   (407) 253-1819
BBS:   (516) 423-0472

Med Help International is a non profit organization which provides
medical information written in non-technical terminology in order to
support patients and their families who have been struck by the tragedy
of serious illnesses. 

We are comprised of an all-volunteer staff of physicians and other
health care professionals who are electronically connected. 

Med Help has made available to the public our computerized system
whereby people may obtain information that is on the system at no

The system may be accessed via Internet (ftp, telnet or http) to:
    via WWW:

Or via dial-up (modem) to: (516) 423-0472 (N81- ANSI)

The Florida Coalition for Cancer Survivorship BBS 
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 1994 11:13:22 EST
From: "Drew H. Wolfe 813-253-7233" 
The Florida Coalition for Cancer Survivorship BBS, FCCS BBS, is a new BBS
devoted to the needs and concerns of cancer survivors, their family 
members, and oncology health care professionals. Highlights of the 
FCCS BBS include:

NCI's PDQ and CancerLit, hundreds of other cancer-related files and 
shareware, forums devoted to many different areas of cancer (disease 
specific, cancer support and support groups, message bases for oncology 
health care professionals), a database where you can post or read 
cancer stories, a database of tumor images, . . .  

You can access the FCCS BBS at the following toll free number:
(800) 816-2744. Shortly, the FCCS BBS will connected to FidoNet and 
Internet.  For more information contact Drew  H. Wolfe,

| FidoNet |

Formerly known as the Cancer-Leukemia Echo on Fido, 'Survivors' is on
the Fido backbone and is available to any BBS that receives any FIDO
echos.  Check with your sysop about getting it. It is no longer just
for Cancer or Leukemia patients.  It was started by a couple whose
daughter was diagnosed and treated for Leukemia.  They found this
method of getting and exchanging information helpful.  The echo now

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