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FAQ Title Size Last Updated Text
Email Addressing FAQ (How to use user+box@host addresses) 50K 2005-04-06 Read
agents/ <folder>   Read
Fighting email spam and anti-UBE pointers 31K 2005-04-06 Read
archive-servers/ <folder>   Read
college-email/ <folder>   Read
FAQ: International E-mail accessibility 29K 2005-04-06 Read
Electronic Mail: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 8K 2005-04-06 Read
Filtering Mail FAQ 49K 2005-04-06 Read
Updated Inter-Network Mail Guide 32K 2005-04-06 Read
list-admin/ <folder>   Read
Client-server mail protocols FAQ 16K 2005-04-06 Read
mailing-lists/ <folder>   Read
mh-faq/ <folder>   Read
mime-faq/ <folder>   Read
Miss Mailers Answers Your Questions on Mailing Lists 39K 2005-04-06 Read
mmdf-faq/ <folder>   Read
news-gateways/ <folder>   Read
procmail/ <folder>   Read
setup/ <folder>   Read

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