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Last-modified: 5 Mar 1998 

This is the Frequently Asked Questions List (FAQ) for the Usenet Newsgroup  This list was last updated 3/5/98.
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--> (Please make sure that your source for Dave's articles is listed in the
--> state-by-state list at the end of the FAQ!)

Please send Corrections, Additions, or Suggestions to:
Mike Steele  (
"Alert FAQ Editor"

Dave Who?
No, not Dave Who, Dave _Barry_.  Dave Barry is a syndicated columnist
whose humorous articles appear in hundreds of newspapers every week.
When he's not writing his columns for the enjoyment of the world, he
writes for the Miami Herald's Tropic Magazine.  Dave has won a Pulitzer
Prize for his humor columns (for several of his columns in the category
of Distinguished Social Commentary in 1988) and is the lead guitarist
in a rock band called the _Rock Bottom Remainders_.  Plus, Dave is 
an all-around nice guy who tries to protect his readers from the dangers 
f the world around them, like exploding cows and trout falling from the 
ky.  This newsgroup is *not* about David Barry, the auto writer for Vogue 

Where Can I Read Dave's Articles?
Well, if you want to get your weekly dose of Dave in your local newspaper,
check out the list at the end of the FAQ.  It contains the names of 
hundreds of newspapers and magazines across the United States and around 
the world that carry Dave Barry's articles on a regular basis.  For those 
of you who are too lazy to get up from your computers, keep reading...

(DISCLAIMER: This is not an advertisement or endorsement of any service,
newspaper, or magazine mentioned, but is intended merely as a response to 
one of the most frequently asked question in the newsgroup,

How Can I Get Dave's Columns Electronically?
Dave Barry is a Professional Writer.  His job is (I'm not making this up...)
to sit around playing flight simulation games until a thought hits him
(usually just before deadline), write it down, then send it in to his
editor.  His articles are not in the public domain.  Remember, it is a
violation of copyright laws to reproduce Dave's column, so don't even think
about typing one in and posting it.

                            Miami Herald
You can now read Dave's weekly column through The Miami Herald's web
site, HERALDLink.  The address is .  Go to the
"Voices" section in the menu along the left and then click on Dave's
smiling face.

                            Denver Post
The Denver Post's On-Line Newspaper at
also has Dave's weekly column.  Go to the "Empire Magazine" section
and then click on "Dave Barry" along the right hand column.  This one
also includes the Jeff MacNelly cartoon.

                        San Jose Mercury News
If you're a subscriber to the San Jose Mercury News's "Mercury Center
Web" service, you can read Dave's latest column, plus browse through
a library of his older columns on their WWW page.  

The Mercury News has also started a service called NewsHound, through
which you can get Dave's column e-mailed to you (it's a bit expensive,
but you can get other things in addition to Dave's column).  For more
information on the Mercury Center Web service, check out and select "About our Service".  For
information about the NewsHound service, check out .  Or, for information by phone
about any San Jose Mercury News service, call 1-800-818-NEWS.

Is there a Dave Barry WWW page?

There are several pages to my knowledge
* This FAQ is available at
* The Alternate FAQ (which explains some of the Dave Barry newsgroup's
  inside jokes for the newcomers)
* The Random House _Dave Barry In Cyberspace_ Page
* The Rock Bottom Remainders Page
* Jon Grimes has a Dave Barry page at
* The Dave Barry for President page is at

There are also many web sites with articles and essays about Dave
Barry and reviews of his books, listed under the "Articles About Dave"
section below.

Is there a mailing list version of this newsgroup?

How can I Write to Dave?
To write to Dave Barry (and get your very own postcard reply from "The
Man" himself), write to:

	Dave Barry
	c/o Tropic Magazine
	Miami Herald
	1 Herald Plaza
	Miami, FL  33132

Does Dave read this newsgroup?
He used to, but no longer finds the time to keep up with all the

Can I send E-Mail to Dave?

Well?  Aren't you going to tell me his address?
If you had millions of fans who all wanted to have frequent, personal,
e-mail conversations with you, you'd probably feel flattered for the
first 5 minutes, and then spend the rest of your life regretting that
you told anyone your e-mail address.

Dave doesn't want his address in the FAQ, for pretty much the above
reason.  Plus, he says he gets too much regular paper-mail to keep up
with, let alone trying to manage fan e-mail too.  Please do not write
to me asking for Dave's address or mail me things to forward to Dave
for you... such requests will be ignored.  Print it out and mail it
yourself (the exercise you'll get walking to the mailbox is good for you).

Tell me all the juicy gossip about Dave!
You can find this information in those magazines next to the checkout
in the supermarket.  Yeah, Dave divorced and remarried (to fellow writer
Michelle "MSPtato" Kaufmann) in 1996.  Let's get on with our lives.

Is there a non-Internet Dave Barry Fan Club?
Why, yes there is...  The Dave Barry Fan Club puts out a newsletter 
three times a year entitled "We're Not Making This Up" which features
info about Dave and personal letters from him (he fills out a questionairre
for each issue).  To recieve the newsletter (through regular mail,
not e-mail) send $6 ($4.50 for members of Mensa) for a year (or $1 for
a 1 issue sample) to:
	Rocky Lefarth
	PO Box 510523
	St. Louis, MO  63151

This section used to say, "Contact Barbara Ploegstra
( for more information," but I've been told
that her e-mail address is no longer working.  You can try sending her
mail anyway if you like.

What's this about a Dave Barry TV show?
[Thanks to "Alert Viewers" ;-) Brett Doehr ( and
Laura Troise ( for most of this information]

The show is called "Dave's World", and it is on a local CBS affiliate
near you at 8:00pm (7:00 Central & Mountain) Wednesday nights.  The show
is based on the books "Dave Barry Turns 40" and "Dave Barry's Greatest
Hits".  In the show, Dave has 2 kids and one dog (as opposed to 1 kid
and 2 dogs in real life (Zippy got cut)) and Dave works for the
_Miami_Record_Dispatch_ Sunday Magazine Section (instead of the
_Miami_Herald_ "Tropic" Magazine).  The real Dave Barry has appeared
in one episode in the first season of the series, in which he played
a guy who gets into a bidding war with the Barry's to purchase an air
conditioner.  The real Dave and the fake Dave (Harry Anderson)
played/sang "Wild Thing" during the closing credits.

	Dave Barry -- Harry Anderson
	Beth Barry (Dave's Wife) -- DeLane Matthews
	Ken Becket (Dave's Boss) -- Shadoe Stevens
	Mia (Dave's Secretary) -- J.C. Wendel
	Eric (Mia's Boyfriend) -- Patrick Warburton
	Tommy Barry (Dave's older son) -- Zane Carney
	Willie Barry (Dave's younger son) -- Andrew Ducote
	Shel Baylor (Dave's Friend) -- Meshach Taylor
Occasional Guests:
	Julie (Beth's Sister) -- Tammy Lauren
	Eric Jr. (Eric's dad) -- Eugene Roche
And, so you know who to direct your complaints about the annoying
laugh track to...
	Created By -- Fred Barron
	Production -- The Producers Entertainment Group Ltd., Livestock
                      Productions, and Axelrod/Widdoes Productions, in
                      association with CBS Productions
	Executive Producers -- Jonathon Axelrod, Tim O'Donnell, James Widdoes
	Produced By -- Michael Petok
	Creative Consultants -- Nick LeRose, Tom Reeder

Recently, Dave had a "Worst Song" Contest.  What did he pick as the worst
Rock and Roll Song of All Time?
"MacArthur Park", written by Jim Webb, performed by Richard Harris in 1968
and later in 1978 by Donna Summer.

On the Topic of Bad Music, What's That Band that Dave's In?
Dave is the lead guitarist for the rock band, The Rock Bottom Remainders.
The group includes such popular writers as Dave Barry (lead guitar,vocals), 
Stephen King (rhythm guitar,vocals), Ridley Pearson (bass guitar), Amy Tan 
(vocals), Barbara Kingsolver (keyboards), Robert Fulghum (backup vocals), 
Roy Blount Jr. (backup vocals), Dave Marsh (backup vocals), Tad Bartimus 
(backups vocals), and organizer Kathi Goldmark (backup vocals).  The group 
was put together by Goldmark at a writers convention in 1991.  They named 
the band after the bookstore practice of selling last year's bestsellers at 
bargain rates.  Music veteren Al Kooper is the band's musical director and 
plays keyboards and guitar with the band.  The group went on its first tour 
in May, 1993, with the proceeds going to the Right to Rock Network and a 
variety of literacy and First Amendment organizations.  Their motto is, "We 
play music as well as Metallica writes novels."

A book about the Rock Bottom Remainders has been published, entitled
"Mid-Life Confidential: The Rock Bottom Remainders Tour America with
Three Chords and an Attitude" (see "Other Stuff" section under "What
Books Has Dave Written" below for more info).  Check out the Rock 
Bottom Remainders' web page at "" for more 
detailed information.

Will the Rock Bottom Remainders be playing in my town soon?
Doubtful.  Our music industry inside sources tell us that, much to the
relief of music-lovers everywhere, the band has disbanded.

What is Tropic Hunt?
Tropic Hunt is a combination scavenger hunt and brain puzzle held in
the Miami area which is hosted by the Miami Herald's Tropic Magazine.
It will be held in November this year.  Dave is one of the Hunt's
creators and he helps organize it.  Asides from that, it's hard to
explain.  More information on Tropic Hunt can be found on the American
Treasure Hunt Society's web page at,

What Books Has Dave Written?
[Thanks to "Alert Librarian" Barbara Huff-Duff of Caltech, Pasadena, CA,
( for the complete list with more info than
most people will ever need...  :-)  ]

[Information is mostly from _Books in Print 1992/93_]

Babies & Other Hazards of Sex; How to Make a Tiny Person in Only 9 Months, 
	with Tools You Probably Have Around the Home.  90p.  1984.  
	Rodale Press (ISBN 0-87857-510-3, 10-105-1)  

Bad Habits: A 100% Fact-Free Book.  227p.  1987.  H. Holt & Co. 
	(ISBN 0-8050-0254-5, Owl Bks) (Originally published in 1985.)

Claw Your Way to the Top: How to Become Head of a Major Corporation in 
	Roughly a Week. 96p.  1986.  Rodale Press 
	(ISBN 0-87857-652-5, 20-564-1) 
	Published in Spanish by Grijalbo (ISBN 8-425-323300-2)

Dave Barry in Cyberspace.  1996.  Crown Publishers.

Dave Barry Does Japan.  1992.  Random House (ISBN 0-679-40485-6) 

Dave Barry's Gift Guide to End All Gift Guides.  128p.  1994.
	Crown Publishers (ISBN 0-517-79952-9)

Dave Barry Slept Here.  178p.  1990.  Ballantine Books.  Fawcett 
	(ISBN 0-449-90462-8, Columbine) 
	Also published 1989.  Random House (0-394-56541-X)
	Cover title: A Sort of History of the United States. 

Dave Barry Talks Back.  285p.  1992.  Crown Pub Group (ISBN 0-517-58868-4, 
	Also published 1991.  Crown Pub Group (ISBN 0-517-58546-4, Crown)

Dave Barry Turns 40.  179p.  1991.  Fawcett (ISBN 0-449-90587-X, Columbine)
	Also published 1990.  Crown Pub Group (ISBN 0-517-57755-)

Dave Barry's Greatest Hits.  287p.  1989, 1988.  Ballantine.  Fawcett 
	(ISBN 0-449-90406-7, Columbine) 

Dave Barry's Guide to Guys.  1995.
Dave Barry's Guide to Life.  Four Books in One: Dave Barry's Guide to 
	Marriage and/or Sex, Babies and Other Hazards of Sex, Stay Fit and 
	Healthy Until You're Dead, and Claw Your Way to the Top.  372p.  
	1991.  Wings Books.  Outlet Book Co. (ISBN 0-517-06486-3, Pub. 
	by Wings Bks)

Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex.  96p.  1987.  Rodale Press 
	(ISBN 0-87857-725-4, 20-718-1)

Dave Barry is not Making this Up.  244p.  1994.  Crown Publishers, Inc.
	(ISBN 0-517-59574-5)  (illus. by Jeff MacNelly)

Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need.  171p.  1992.  Fawcett 
	(ISBN 0-449-90759-7, Columbine)
	Also published 1991.  Fawcett (ISBN 0-449-90651-5, Columbine)

Homes and Other Black Holes: The Happy Homeowner's Guide to Ritual Closing 
	Ceremonies, Newton's First Law of Furniture Buying, the Lethal 
	Chemicals Man, and Other Perils of the American Dream.  109p.  1988. 
	Ballantine.  Fawcett (ISBN 0-449-90274-9, Columbine) 

Stay Fit and Healthy Until You're Dead.  81p.  1985.  Rodale Press 
	(ISBN 0-87857-570-7, 10-136-1)

The Taming of the Screw: Several Million Homeowners' Problems.  90p.  1983. 
	Rodale Press (ISBN 0-87857-484-0, 10-197-1)

The World According to Dave Barry.  (contains four other books, 
	including Dave Barry Turns 40 and Dave Barry's Greatest Hits).

Books Translated Into Other Languages...

Deibu Bari no 40 sai ni nattra [Japanese translation of Dave Barry Turns 40]
	Translated by Agarie & Kazuki.  Tokyo: Shueisha, 1992
	(ISBN 4-08-773153-7)

Deibu Bari no nihon wo warau [Japanese translation of Dave Barry Does Japan]
	Translated by Agarie & Kazuki.  Tokyo: Shueisha, 1994 
	(ISBN 4-08-773187-1)

[Russian Translation of Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex]
	(ISBN 5-85712-001-2) 

Deibu Bari no Amerika wo warau [Japanese translation of Dave Barry Slept Here]
	Translated by Nagai & Jun.  Tokyo: Shueisha, 1995
	(ISBN 4-08-773215-0)


And, On Audio Cassette, Read By Dave Himself...

Claw Your Way to the Top.  ca. 50 min.  1993.  Listen USA (0-886-84103-8)

Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States.  60 min.  1990.
	Random House Sound Editions (0-394-58564-X)   

Dave Barry Turns 40.  56 min.  1990.  Random House Sound Editions 

Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need.  51 min.  1991.  Random 
	House Sound Editions (ISBN 0-679-40653-0)     

And, Some Books On Tape Read By Someone Else...

Babies & Other Hazards of Sex.  Read by Arte Johnson.  ca. 1 hr., 30 min.  
	1993.  Dove Audio (1-558-00663-X) 

Claw Your Way to the Top: How to Become Head of a Major Corporation in 
	Roughly a Week. Read by Arte Johnson.  1986.  Dove Audio
	(ISBN 1-558-00709-1)

Dave Barry Does Japan.  Read by Arte Johnson.  ca. 6 hrs.  1992.  Dove Audio 
	(ISBN 1-558-00455-6)
	above may no longer be available--reissued anticipated in Oct. 1993. 
	Dove Audio (ISBN 1-558-00697-4)

Dave Barry Talks Back.  Read by Arte Johnson.  ca. 3 hrs.  1991.  Dove Audio 

Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage and/or Sex.  Narrated by Ed Begley.  ca. 
	90 min.  1990.  Audio Renaissance Tapes (ISBN 1-559-27108-6)

Train of Thought:  Stories, Music & Eclectic Audio Entertainment, Vol. II.
	(Contains "Blimy! Frognal! Cockfoster!" from _Dave Barry Talks 
	Back_ (Crown Trade Paperbacks))  Com Audio (ISBN 1-880949-03-2)

And, Finally, Some Dave Barry Stuff in Other Places...
Dave also wrote the foreword to _Why Things Are: Answers to Every Essential 
	Question in Life_, by Joel Achenbach.  1991.  Ballantine 
	(ISBN 0-345-36224-1, Pub. by Ballantine Trade) 
He also has a column in _The Best American Sports Writing 1992_ about
	Miami Heat forward Grant Long.  (it originally appeared in
	"Tropic" Magazine in _Miami Herald_)

A 12 page interview with Dave appears entitled "Dave Barry:  Passages" 
	in _The Portable Curmudgeon Redux_, compiled and edited by Jon
	Winokur.  Penguin Books, 1992.  pp.171-183.  (ISBN 0-525-93489-8)

A Humorist's Look at Journalism.  cassette 60 min.  1988.  National Public
	Radio (Washington, D.C.).  (Dave talks to reporters about writing
	for awards and shares accounts of his book tour)

Project Venus.  "Anthology of Flying Saucer Break-Ins, 1957-1964)" 
	33.3rpm, mono record.  1991.  Planet X (Benevento, Italy). 
	(Humorous narrations with exerpts from popular songs inserted 
	within the texts.  Dave does "Out of this world with flying
	saucers pt. 2" along with Sara Berner)

Visions of America.  VHS videocasette.  45 min.  1993.  Films for the
	Humanities and Sciences (Princeton, NJ).  (Video portraits
	of 7 Americans as told by themselves.  Along with Dave, there's
	Jimmy Carter, Hank Aaron, Barbara Mandrell, John McLaughlin,
	Gloria Steinem, and Amy Tan)  Call 1-800-257-5126 for ordering

Midlife Confidential: The Rock Bottom Remainders Tour America with
	Three Chords and an Attitude."  1994.  Viking Publishers.
	222 pages.  (ISBN 0-670-85234-1).  Members of the band 
	(including Dave) authored individual chapters.  Photographs
	by Tabitha King.  Edited by Dave Marsh.

The Fireside Treasury of New Humor.  "Daze of Wine and Roses".
	p. 146.  Fireside Books (Simon & Schuster).  1989.  Edited
	by Al Sarrantonio.  (ISBN 0-671-67303-3 PBK)

Russell Baker's Book of American Humor.  "Can New York Save Itself?"
	p. 317.  W.W. Norton & Company Inc.  1993.

Roy Blount's Book of Southern Humor.  Edited by Roy Blount, Jr. 
	W.W. Norton & Company, New York.  1994.  (ISBN 0-393-03695-2)

The Dogs of Our Lives.  Compiled by Louise Goodyear Murray.  Dave
	contributed his column, "Taking the Zip Out of Zippy".  
	Birch Lane Press, 1995.  (ISBN 1-55972-289-4) (proceeds
	benefit the Humane Society)

Dear Gangster--: Advice for the Lonelyhearted from The Gangster Of
	Love.  Dave wrote the foreward.  Penguin Books, 1996.
	(ISBN 0 14 02.4515 4)

Naked Came The Manatee.  Dave wrote the first chapter.  Published by
        DRKH (ISBN 0886464315) and by Putnam (the paperback version, ISBN
        0399141928), January 1997.  Also available on tape from Thorndike
	Press (ISBN 0786209860), March 1997.

For Information on Ordering Dave's Books On Tape...
Dove Audio			Listen USA			
Beverly Hills, CA		55 Old Field Point Rd.
				Greenwich, CN  06830-6149
Send Dove Audio Orders to:	(203)661-0101
PRI 1124
Heil Quaker Blvd.		Random House Sound Editions
P.O. Box 7001			201 East 50th St.
La Vergne, TN  37086		New York, NY  10022
1-800-937-5557			1-800-773-3000

Com Audio, Inc.
334 E. Coast Highway, #429
Corona Del Mar, CA  92625
Fax: (714)852-6982

What other Dave Barry Paraphernalia Can I Purchase?

* The Dave Barry Screen Saver
	Yes!  Second Nature Software has put out a "Dave Barry Screensaver".
	It's available at least for MS Windows (possibly other operating
	systems too).  It contains 24 MacNelly cartoons which illustrate
	Dave Barry's columns.  The column that goes with each of the cartoons
	is available on-line at the click of a button.  The Dave Barry
	screensaver should be available at any large chain of software
	stores.  If you can't find it in your area, you can download 
	Second Nature Software's catalog (and order, get a sampler, etc)
	by modem at (503)211-8744 (2400-14.4k baud, N81) or, call them
	by phone at (503)291-9500.

* Dave Barry Daily Calendar
	365 quotes a year from Dave Barry

* Dave Barry For President Bumper Sticker
	Dave used to mail these out when he was running for President in
	1992.  I'm not sure if he still does or not.

* Dave Barry T-Shirt/Sweatshirt 
	Has quote about men only wanting tickets to the world series.
	It's available from the "Wireless" catalog.

* "A Totally Random Evening with Dave Barry" (Compact Disc)
	Available from Southern Tracks Records -- STD-0031.  In case you
	can't find it locally, try:
                Southern Tracks Records
                3051 Clairmont Road
                Atlanta, GA  30329
                (404) 325-0832
		FAX: (404) 325-1075 (mark your fax "FAO: GINO")

Where Can I find Articles ABOUT Dave Barry?
Well, here's a list of articles about Dave compiled mostly by Alert Reader 
Jon Reeves (

"On, Dilbert!  On, Dogbert!  On, Dave!",  Deborah Stead, The New York 
	Times, Dec. 1, 1996.
"Class Clown: Dave Barry laughs his way to fame, fortune", Ron Chepesiuk,
	Quill (magazine of Society of Professional Journalists),
	Jan./Feb. 1995, p. 18. 
"The Right Stiff", People Weekly, January 23, 1995
"All I Think Is That It's Stupid" (An Interview with Dave Barry), Glenn
	Garvin, Reason Magazine, December 1994, p.25-31
"A Wealth of Humor", Smart Money, July 1994
"Offbeat Columnist Finds Humor in the Strangest Places", The Milwaukee
	Journal, June 10, 1994.
"The Door Interview: Dave Barry", John Carney, The Door, Sep/Oct 1993,
	p. 6-10 (includes excerpt from _Dave Barry Slept Here_)
"Regular Guy on a Laugh Track", Sarah Lyall, The New York Times,
	Jul. 1, 1993.
"Writers On The Storm", Eve Zibart, The Washington Post, May 21, 1993.
"Dave Barry Bites Back", Marie Speed, Boca Raton, Nov/Dec 1991.
"Loon Over Miami: The On-Target Humor of Dave Barry", Peter Richmond,
        New York Times Magazine, Sept. 23, 1990, p. 44, 64-7, 95
"He Can't Make This Up", Harry F. Waters, Newsweek December 16 1991
"Strange Bedfellow", Michael Neill and Don Sider, People, July 8 1991
Several issues of The News of Boca Raton: Kate McClare's column
        covered his presidential campaign
"2-4-6-8 he doesn't want to renovate!", Fred Bernstein, Metropolitan
        Home Oct. 1990 p. 58
"Family Portrait: Barry Funny", Michael Kiefer, Ladies Home Journal,
        October 1990
"Playboy Interview: Dave Barry", Fred Bernstein, Playboy, May 1990
"Madcap Airs All", Jesse Birnbaum, Time, July 3, 1989, p. 68
*Many* locations around July 20 1988: news reports about "People With
        Boxes On Their Heads" at the Democratic convention (one of whom
        was Dave).
"Florida Funnyman Dave Barry Offers Sexpert Advice on Lust, Love, Bed
        and Boredom", Laurel Tielis, People, March 14 1988 p. 14
"Dave Barry's barbs: The ripening of a humorist", Linda Matchan, The
        Boston Globe, October 15, 1987, p. 77ff
"Dave Barry Claws His Way To The Top", Marshall Cook, Writer's Digest,
	June 1987.
"Out of the sewage: Dave Barry used to report on waste treatment, but
        found that writing humor was more fun", David O'Reilly,
        Philadelphia Inquirer, around December 19, 1986
"The World According To Dave Barry", Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune Sunday
        Magazine, September 22, 1985
"Barry's 'habit' is making people laugh", author unknown, Colorado
        Springs Gazette Telegraph, around April 27, 1985

On Line Articles, Essays, and Book Reviews 
(mostly courtesy of D.J. Anderson (

  * The Site's interview with Dave Barry (includes sound & video clip of
    Dave reading excerpts from Dave Barry In Cyberspace)
  * The Mr. Showbiz Interview Archive has an interview with Dave
  * Sarah Goldsmith, "Two Centuries of Dave Bary"

  Essays & Misc Articles
  * Philip Scott, Dave Barry (His Life, His Style, His Works, His
    Contribution to the Field)  (this page has a nice works cited list) 
  * Dave Barry:  A Look at Comical Genius 

There are also lots of book reviews for "Dave Barry in Cyberspace"
(too many to mention here, in fact), which you can find through your
favorite web search engine.

Where's the Huge List of Publications that Carry Dave's Articles that 
You Promised Earlier?
Right Here:

Comic Relief Magazine
Comic Relief Magazine, a monthly magazine, publishes several Dave articles
a month.  Here's their address. (thanks to Tony Salerno for the subscription
info)  Once again, it is advised to check with the company first to get the
current rates, which may have changed since this was written.
Comic Relief Subscriptions
P.O. Box 6606
Eureka, CA  95502
Fax:  (707)445-0270
1 year - $24.75
2 year - $45.75
3 year - $64.75
According to Michael Jenkinson, their international rates are:
US $35 for 12 issues
US $65 for 24 issues
The Funny Times
One Dave Barry column a month appears in the monthly humor newspaper
The Funny Times.  Subscriptions are $17.50 for one year, $28.50 for two
years; foreign subs add $10/year.   (Check with the company to find out 
the make sure the rates haven't changed before ordering)
The Funny Times,
P.O. Box 18530
Cleveland Hts., OH  44118
phone: (216)371-8600.

The National Forum
[Thanks to Joseph Nebus ( for this info]
The National Forum Weekly is a nationally available periodical which
contains a very large collection of columns and comic strips.
The Forum is assembled of several different sections that you can
pick and choose as you like. Dave is in "The Liberals" section.
It also comes with a bunch of other liberal commentators.  The Liberals
is also contained within the National Forum, which contains also The
Conservatives and Gallery of Cartoons.

You can get a montly subscription to the National Forum, The Liberals,
or The Conservatives from Associated Features.  Please contact the
publisher for up-to-date pricing information.

Associated Features, Inc.
P.O. Box 7099, 
Fairfax Station, VA 22039-7099.

Libertarian Party News
[Thanks to Bert Wiener ( for this info]
Dave's column appears regularly in the Libertarian Party News.
For subscription information, see their WWW homepage at:
or contact by snail-mail:
              Randy Langhenry
              P.O. Box 3391
              Gainesville, GA  30503

              404-536-5243  (phone)
              404-287-0800  (fax)

Liberal Opinion Week
[Thanks to Rose Marie Holt ( for this info]
Liberal Opinion Week has a Dave Barry column in most issues, and they
claim all columns are printed in full.  Prices as of 6/1/96 were
one year (52 issues) for $45.  For subscription info, contact:
	Liberal Opinion Week
	P.O. Box 468
	Vinton, IA  52349


Funny Stuff
[Thanks to Stephen McAuley ( for this info]
Funny Stuff is published by the same company that publishes Comic Relief.
They have at least 3 columns per issue.  Subscriptions cost $28 for 12
issues, $50 for 24 issues, or $70 for 36 issues (outside US: $38, $68, 
$100) as of 7/1/96.  For more info (or to subscribe), write to:
	Funny Stuff Subscriptions
	Page One Publishers
	PO BOX 6606
	Eureka, CA  95502-6606

	1-800-298-COMIC or (707)445-0270

Other Periodicals
Here's some periodicals that have printed at least one Dave column (some
of these are reprints of his weekly column or book excerpts, but not
all; those that are known to have published original material marked
with an asterisk):  [Thanks to Jon Reeves again...]

American Baby
*The American Spectator
Men's Health
*Men's Life [Oct/Nov 1990, the only issue]
Modern Maturity (!)
*New Shelter
*New York Times Review of Books
Reader's Digest
Rolling Stone
*Saturday Evening Post
Utne Reader
*Video Review

Newspapers which carry Dave's Column on a Regular Basis
Stars and Stripes, (U.S. overseas military newspaper).  Time and location
	varies with edition.  (see also: EUROPE)

EUROPE (and other places overseas)
International Herald Tribune, back page of the Sat/Sun issue
Stars and Stripes, (U.S. overseas military newspaper) European Edition, Sunday
The Australian Financial Review, Friday, Weekend Review, back page
Brisbane Courier-Mail, Monday
The Examiner, Launceston, Tasmania
Geelong Advertiser, Monday, page 6
Hobart Mercury, Tasmania, Monday, near page 20
Illawarra Mercury, Saturday, one week out of every 4, but no set pattern.
The Newcastle Morning Herald, occasional
Sydney Morning Herald
The West Australian, occasional

Calgary Herald, Sunday
Edmonton Journal, Sunday, `Life' section usually
Hamilton Spectator
Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Ontario, Thursday, Entertainment section, page 2
London Free Press, London, Ontario, Thursday, Entertainment section
Montreal Gazette, Sunday
The Ottawa Citizen, Sunday, "Arts, Books, and Ideas" section
The Province, Vancouver, Sunday
Regina Sun, Sunday
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Saturday, Lifestyle Section
Sunday Daily News, Nova Scotia, Matinee section
Toronto Star, Sunday, comics page
Winnipeg Free Press, Monday, Tempo section

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