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PNS-L FAQ: Pakistan News Service Discussion (bit.listserv.pns-l)

Archive-name: bit-pns-l-faq
Last-modified: 1996/01/10
Version: 1.6
Organization: Caltech Alumni Association, Pasadena, California.

	   Copyright 1993,1994,1995,1996

	Pakistan News Service Discussions
	Asim Mughal (

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1) 	About bit.listserv.pns-l 
2)	Introduction to Pakistan News Service Discussions  (PNS-L)
3)	Editorial Policies for PNS-L
4)  	History/Data on PNS-L 
5)  	Auto DIGEST setup for PNS-L
6)     	Where to Send Contributions?
7)     	PNS-L Staff & how to contact them
8)	How to subscribe to PNS-L
9)	For Information on Pakistan 
10) 	Archived Digests
11)	WWW Home Page
12)    	This FAQ- Archive Info, History & Credits. 

Subject: 1) About bit.listserv.pns-l

	The newsgroup 'bit.listserv.pns-l'  is distribution of 
	BITnet LISTs "PNS-L@PSUVM" (Pakistan News Service Discussions)

	The gateway established at American Univ. is bi-directioal.
	This allows digest/newsletter posted by the editors on LISTSERV
	to appear on USENET 'bit.listserv.pns-l.'

	Any submission sent to 'bit.listserv.pns-l' is routed to the 
	editors of PNS-L automatically.

Subject: 2) Introduction to Pakistan News Service Discussions. 

              ___   | |       |  ___   | |  /|  |  | |              |
             |  |  _| |         |  |  _| | /_|  |  | |    |  |  |   |
      o_|__|____| |   | | o |_o____| |   |   |__|__| |  o_|__|__|___|
  ___/   oo    ___|     |___|     ___|              ___/          o

  In   the   name  of   ALLAH,   the    Beneficent,   the    Merciful

                                P N S - L

                     Pakistan News Service Discussion

 Vol. 1  No. INAUG  15 Rabbi-us-sani 1414 Hijri       Saturday October 02, 1993
 Editor: Asim Mughal                           

    Asaalaam O Alaikum (Greetings)

    The Pakistan News Service (PNS) is proud to open a discussion forum.

                  PNS-L Pakistan News Service Discussion

    We will like  to  open  this  discussion  for  a  variety  of  services,

        o Info on PNS Activities
        o Info  on  retrieving  archived  PNS  files
        o Coordination among PNS Representatives
        o Feedback  (Comments  & Suggestions) from Readers
        o On-line  discussions  with  PNS  Board
        o Spin-off debates from "Letter to the Editor" Column
        o Answer any questions from readers
        o Special Events Mailing List

    PNS-L is open for subscription for  anyone  interested.  We have several
    options in running this forum, it  will  be minimally moderated. We will
    appreciate academic language & respect for others in debates.

    If you are Pakistan News  Service  Representative,  you  are  already on
    PNS-L & will be receiving this message  twice - once thru PAKISTAN & the
    second one thru PNS-L.

    On special events, for example, election  night or for crucial events we
    will keep you up-to-date every  few  hours  on  this forum. The complete
    news will continue to be posted on Pakistan News Service Newsletters.

    We solicit your cooperation on making PNS-L a success!

    Pakistan Zindabad!

    Asim Mughal
    for PNS Exec Board

Subject: 3) Editorial Policies of PNS-L

                        Editorial Policy of this Forum

                1.      Minimum Moderation
                2.      Academic Language
                3.      No Insults, name calling etc
                4.      Directly or Indirectly Related
                        to Pakistan

Subject: 4) History Data on PNS-L 

	PNS-L DATA : Statistics & Info  as of 6/10/94

        Name   :        Pakistan News Service Discussions 

        Founded:        15 Rabbi-us-sani 1414 Hirji, October 02, 1993 
        Founders:       Nauman Kassim Mysorewala, Syed Irfan Ashraf
			Syed Asim Ali & Asim Mughal

        Membership:     1000+ direct subscribers as of  1/1/95 

        Editors:       	Asim Mughal 

        Addresses:      PNS-L @ PSUVM.BITnet or
          -USENET:      bit.listserv.pns-l    [Since Oct 1, '93]

        Subscription fee: FREE

	Publication Frequency: Weekly 

        Volume numbers change every: March 23 & August 14.

Subject: 5) Auto DIGEST setup for PNS-L 

	As of November 1, 1994, the default distribution for PNS-L has 
	been changed to DIGEST.  The options for  DIGEST have been set 
		a) 500+ lines.
		b) weekly.
	  	c) 11:30 pm	

	In simple words, it means, all the incoming articles for PNS-L
	are saved in  a file. Everyday at 11:30pm, it checks to see if 
	either of the two situations are met, specifically,  the saved
	file  is  more  than 500 lines long or if it has been one week 
	since last  publication. If any of the  criterion  is  met,  a 
	publication is generated in 'digest' form and distributed. 

	The benefit of this setup include less overhead on parts of the
	PNS-L staff and consistency of at least one publication a week. 
	Subscribers are free to change their distribution options at any
	time  by sending an email message to: listserv@psuvm.bitnet, the 
	syntax of command sent as text of the email message should be:


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