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  Pete Phillips,
  $Date: 1997/09/19 07:53:06 $ $Revision: 2.43 $

  Table of Contents:

  1.      Introduction

  1.1.    What version is this FAQ ?

  1.2.    What is this FAQ about ?

  1.3.    What's new in this version ?

  1.4.    What newsgroups discuss PM ?

  1.5.    What mailing lists discuss PM ?

  1.6.    Is there a WWW site for PM ?

  1.7.    What BBS's discuss PM ?

  1.8.    Are there any Reviews of Project Management Software ?

  1.9.    How can I get the latest FAQ ?

  1.10.   How can I contribute to the FAQ or Review file ?

  2.      UNIX Software

  2.1.    What public domain PM software is available for UNIX ?

  2.1.1.  XPLAN

  2.1.2.  XOPPS

  2.1.3.  WISE

  2.2.    Is there any commercial PM software around for UNIX ?

  2.2.1.  AutoPLAN II

  2.2.2.  COMPASS

  2.2.3.  IntraPlan

  2.2.4.  GECOMO Plus

  2.2.5.  MasterPlan 1.1X

  2.2.6.  SIZE Plus

  2.2.7.  ACCENT GraphicVUE

  2.2.8.  ACCENT GraphicVUE (Personal Edition)

  2.2.9.  Open Plan

  2.2.10. Cobra

  2.2.11. Ultra Planner

  2.2.12. Islandplan

  2.2.13. AMS Schedule Publisher

  2.2.14. SAS/OR.

  2.2.15. Project2 / SeriesX (PX)

  2.2.16. PACS Project Administration and Control System

  3.      PC/DOS Software

  3.1.    What MSDOS PD/Shareware project management software is
  available ?

  3.1.1.  Easy Project

  3.1.2.  Ganttman

  3.1.3.  Mainline

  3.2.    Other programs

  3.3.    What MSDOS commercial project management software is available

  3.3.1.  Texim Project

  3.3.2.  Milestones, Etc. for Windows (V5.0)

  3.3.3.  Milestones Simplicity for Windows

  3.3.4.  Project Commander

  3.3.5.  Microsofts Project for Windows

  3.3.6.  SuperProject / CA-SuperProject 3.0

  3.3.7.  Power Planner

  4.      Other Platforms

  4.1.    Is there any project management software for the Psion
  Organiser ?

  5.      Training & Miscellany

  5.1.    Which companies provide training in Project Management in the
  UK ?

  5.2.    Which companies provide training in Project Management in the
  USA ?

  5.2.1.  Miscellany

  5.3.    What do all these weird PM terms mean ?

  5.4.    What Books/References are available ?

  5.5.    What other information is available ?

  5.5.1.  Magazines

  5.5.2.  Software Engineering Files

  5.5.3.  Razor

  5.5.4.  Tom Sawyer Software

  5.5.5.  Software Technology Support Center

  5.6.    What groups/organisations exist for project managers ?

  6.      Gosh - can there be anything else ?

  6.1.    Project Management Software from IKAR.

  7.      Postscript

  1.  Introduction

  1.1.  What version is this FAQ ?

  o  Version: $Revision: 2.43 $

  o  Last-Modified: $Date: 1997/09/19 07:53:06 $

  1.2.  What is this FAQ about ?

  This article contain the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

  (FAQ) often seen in various newsgroups on the net, regarding project
  management and project management software.

  It is compiled by myself, Pete Phillips (, with the
  help of hundreds of net.people.

  Quite frequently on the net, you hear people asking the following

  o  Is there project-management software that runs under
     X/DOS/UNIX/SunOS ?

  o  Is there any Public Domain project management software for XXX ?

  These questions come up quite a lot.  I've been collecting most
  responses to project management questions since around 1991, and they
  are summarised in this FAQ.  In addition, I've had quite a bit of mail
  asking for information on books etc on project planning.  All of the
  information I have so far is distilled into this FAQ and its sister
  file which contains pointers to reviews of project management software
  (see Question below on "Reviews").

  I will use the term "PM" as shorthand for project management
  throughout this file.

  In addition it includes some extra information (such as a glossary) to
  help those new to the field to understand some of the issues

  My background is in UNIX, and although I have access to PC's, I have
  little or no interest in PM on PC's.  Therefore I rely on others to
  give me the PC/MSDOS info.  This sometimes means that the PC/MSDOS
  entries are sketchy.  If you can fill in any of the gaps (for any
  parts of this FAQ), then please do so.

  Also, spelling is usually UK English, not USA English.  Please don't
  flame me for whatever mix of spelling is used - it's the information
  that's important.

  Finally, I get a lot of mail from people telling me that they've
  looked at my WWW site for PM.  I *DO NOT* make this available on the
  SMTL web site, only on USENET news - if you are reading this on a web
  site, it has been put there by someone else.  I have no objection to
  this, but I want people to know that the authoritative version of this
  FAQ is the posting to the net.

  If you need to mail me with info/queries, please quote the version
  number of this FAQ, and the site you read it on if you read it on a
  WWW site.  This will allow me to update WWW site maintainers with the
  latest versions of this FAQ.

  This FAQ is now written in SGML and uses the linuxdoc DTD.  This
  enables me to convert to postscript, text and html from the one
  source.  However, I have not finished converting the publications
  stuff yet, so that is missing for the moment.  Also, I apologise that
  URL's are printed twice (I haven't the time to investigate this at
  present) and for any other mistackes (sic) in this document.  Finally,
  this document is presently still only available in news.answers as a
  text file.

  1.3.  What's new in this version ?

  o  Nothing of importance ..

  1.4.  What newsgroups discuss PM ?

  Presently, (28th Nov, 1996) no newsgroups purely to discuss PM.  Also
  there is very little discussion on the net about PM (unless of course
  you know different).

  1.5.  What mailing lists discuss PM ?

  I set up a mailing list in 1993 on our machine (
  However, due to the fact that our machine is connected to the net via
  a dialup PPP link, all access was through mail (no ftp, WWW etc).  In
  addition, the list was costing us a fortune each time a message was
  disseminated to the 300 subscribers.

  Then the mailing list was hosted by mailbase, at the University of
  Newcastle.  The numbers subscribed reached about 2,000 by July 1995.

  However, to maintain a mailing list on mailbase you need a list
  manager from a UK University, and the list manager (Nigel
  Metheringham) left for another job. Luckily he found another site to
  host the mail list, at The Project Management Learning Centre, at the
  University of Technology, Sydney.

  The new list is called pmnet.

  To subscribe, send mail to

  containing the command

  subscribe pmnet

  To unsubscribe, send mail containing the command

  unsubscribe pmnet

  Other facilities are available - for information send it the command

  To Post to the list, send your message to:

  You will be sent some general information when you subscribe.

  The aim of the list is to discuss project management techniques
  generally, not just project management software and programmes.

  1.6.  Is there a WWW site for PM ?

  The following sites have PM related info.

  o  Project 2000 (PS 2000)
      is a
     national research and developement program within the field of
     Project Management and Total Cost Management with the mission of
     identifying project management needs and improving the knowledge
     and implementation of project management in Norwegian industry. The
     program will consolidate the PM and TCM knowledge in Norway and
     further evolve cooperation with international experts in tasks
     related to challenges in our industry, thereunder securing
     university education adjusted to their actual needs.

     Please send any questions or comments to: or post them at the project managemnt
     mailing list.

     (From a posting to the pm mailing list on Mon, 27 Mar 1995 by Njl
     S. Sletten

  o  The Web Project Management Forum
     .  The Web Project Management
     Forum is a not-for-profit resource for information on international
     project management affairs. The Forum is dedicated to supporting
     development, international cooperation, promotion and support of a
     professional and world wide project management discipline.

  o  Welcom Software .  Welcom Software is now
     maintaining a WorldWideWeb server site.  The site includes client
     stories, product announcements etc.  You will be able to see screen
     captures of Welcom's all new Open Plan Professional for Windows as
     well as the other Welcom Software products.

     Current events such as WST's US seminar schedule is available here

     (Chris Vandersluis

  o  HMS Software WWW site .  HMS Software, the
     Canadian-based publishers of TimeControl and Optic and the Canadian
     distributors of Open Plan and other Welcom Software products is now
     maintaining a WorldWideWeb site.

     Information included on this site includes product information on
     TimeControl and the Optic, white papers on a variety of generic
     project management topics, client stories and course and current
     events schedules for happenings at HMS.  (Chris Vandersluis

  o  Project and Program Manager's Palette .  Dick
     Billows maintains this site dedicated to project
     and program management. It includes Free book chapters from some of
     his books, such as
       AT-HOME WORKERS: Converting in-office departments to at-home jobs by
       Billows and Gooden

  In addition it covers Project Management Discussion Forums, training
  over the Internet, and a variety of Project Management courses.  It
  also has "The SAGA of the Project from Hell" - the worst project
  management nightmare you've ever read about and an opportunity to add
  your war stories to it (disguise the names so we don't get sued)"

  o  Project Management Technologies, Inc. web site
      Info from Wayne MacGregor, Vice President

  o  WISE: Web Integrate Software Environment
      This site
     contains information about WISE. According to one of the authors,
     it is the first WWW based project management and metrics tool
     released on the WWW. Please have a look.  It can be configured to
     meet any organizations software process, helps in issue tracking,
     dynamic metrics, maintains change data, and accessible anywhere
     across the WWW.

     ( Sudhakar Ramakrishnan)

  o  Try PIM shareware 
     for personal information management s/w and other stuff.

  o  Johann J Hanekom's web site
     .  Johann J Hanekom who was one of the early contributors of a vast
     list of PC shareware PM software, has opened his own WWW site,
     which makes available some of the applications he lists available
     for download. It also accepts anonymous uploads, so if you find
     some good PM software which is public domain or shareware, why not
     upload it ?

  o  Project Management Institute (PMI) Internet Site
      (sumbitted by on 16/4/96).

  1.7.  What BBS's discuss PM ?

  o  There is, apparently,  a Project Management BBS being run by the
     Project Management Institute (PMI) in the USA.  The number is
     414-961-7807 (8,n,1).

     (from a net posting by Paul Bergman to
     news.newusers.questions on 21/October/1993)

  o  There is also a BBS with a project planning section in Canada: The
     National Capital Freenet (Ottawa, Canada) now has a Project
     Management SIG. The host is   Login as
     "guest".  (ag384@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (William R. Watt), Mon, 24 Jan
     1994 )

     Thanks to Priit Parmakson for picking this up.

  o  Also, a project management conference on ILink, on the FONiX
     Information Systems BBS.  The name of the sysop is Chris Kenward,
     and the BBS details are as follows:

     FONiX Info Systems _ Berkshire, UK _ +44 (0)344 306986
  o   In Feb 94, I received this from Chris Vandersluis
     on the PM list:

     "The HMS Software BBS can be reached at 514-333-6846 at speeds from 300baud
     to 57kb.  The BBS is dedicated to project management support and
     information with particular support for the Welcom Software project
     management systems as HMS is the Canadian distributor for WST.

     Still, the general areas for generic project management is an area for
     project managers and users of PM systems to network together and we make a
     point of keeping the file area current with items of interest to project

     No validation is required to access the system. "

  1.8.  Are there any Reviews of Project Management Software ?

  There are a number of review files available.  They may be accessed
  via the web, ftp or (if you are desperate), by mail server.

  I am desperate for some more decent reviews of software. Please
  contribute to the reviews file by sending email to myself at

  See next section for getting the review files.

  1.9.  How can I get the latest FAQ ?

  Both the latest version of the FAQ, the Review file, the book file and
  the glossary areall available at PUT HTML LINK TO JOHANNS SITRE HERE.

  They may also be obtained from the SMTL mail server (for the present):
  Send mail to with

          send FILENAME

  in the body of the message, where

          FILENAME    =   - for the reviews file
                      = proj-plan.FAQ.1       - for the FAQ file
                      = proj-plan.glossary  - for the PM glossary
                      = proj-plan.books     - for the PM book list from
                                              Kurt Aerenlund Pedersen

  1.10.  How can I contribute to the FAQ or Review file ?

  I'm glad you asked me that!

  If you have any info or opinions on the FAQ or Reviews file, I'll be
  glad to add them to this file.  Mail them to myself (Pete Phillips) at


  I can't promise to respond to all the mail I get.  I will try to
  acknowledge all contributions - if I forget to do this, please remind
  me !

  2.  UNIX Software

  2.1.  What public domain PM software is available for UNIX ?

  2.1.1.  XPLAN

  Mark Lacey and a tea from Michigan  State  University wrote a project
  planning tool for their software engineering class.

  It was available via anon ftp
  , but in Oct 95 I
  received mail from Evelyn Mitchell who informed me that
  this site no longer allows anon ftp.  Latest information from Jean-
  Francois Rit is that it is available

  The tool supports entering and saving of task information (task name,
  description, relevant dates, etc.).  Project files can be loaded later
  for consultation.  The tool graphically generates both PERT and Gantt
  charts on screen, and has an option to generate LaTeX source for Gantt
  charts and task sheets.

  Xplan has been tested on Sun SPARCstation IPC's, IPX's, 1's, 1+'s,
  2's, and 10's.  It requires the XView libraries and header files to
  compile. A Sun binary is available for ftp at the above site.

  Mark and his team do not intend to support xplan in future, but it
  does seem as if there is sufficient here for someone to develop a
  package that is less platform specific. Any offers ?

          **** Please Note - XPLAN needs Xview 3.0   ****
          **** and Guide to compile.  If you are     ****
          **** running Non-SUN h/w, you are probably ****
          **** out of luck                           ****

  (Information provided by Leon Dent, Dec 92.)


  2.1.2.  XOPPS

  XOPPS was developed by a group at NASA/JPL, including Susan Murphy, who was responsible for getting it placed
  on an ftp site along with Mike Tankenson

  Xopps is available from JPL  via anonymous
  FTP.  I have used the pre-built binaries on a Sun with no problems,
  but Andrew Davison tells me that
  although he has built it under Linux, it appears to be rather

  XOPPS is basically a tool which lets you draw gantt charts.

  The structure of the file is available, so you could get your own
  database system to print out good looking gantt charts. I had the file
  structure by mail, and so will try and get this info placed on the ftp
  site with the executable.  However, you can always use the source!

  Here is the README file which describes XOPPS.

       README File for OEL Project/Planner Scheduler Program (xopps) From:
       Susan Murphy, NASA/JPL, OEL, MS 301-345, 818-354-1948

       The OEL Project/Planner Scheduler (xopps) program is an easy-to-use
       graphics editing tool for generating milestone schedule charts. It
       represents an application-specific editor with its commands and
       functions tailored to plotting milestone events and activities on a
       timeline display.  The XOPPS graphics editor is written in C and runs
       under X/Motif on a Sun Workstation.

       The XOPPS program is a window-based graphics tool that provides easy
       and fast on-screen WYSIWYG editing t; capabilities. The editing tool
       is menu-driven with no need to memorize commands or functions. It has
       a canvas area which displays a full image of the schedule being
       edited.  The canvas contains a header area (for text) and a schedule
       area (for plotting graphic representations of milestone objects in a
       flexible timeline).  The XOPPS tool is based on an object-oriented
       design, which provides objects with time attributes. The user can
       position objects to pixel resolution but objects with an associated
       date are positioned automatically in their correct timeline position
       in the schedule area.  The schedule area has horizontal lines across
       the page with capabilities for multiple pages and for editing the
       number of lines per page and the line grid. The text on a line can be
       edited and a line can be moved with all objects on the line moving
       with it. The timeline display can be edited to plot any time period in
       a variety of formats (from FY to CY and from days to years). Text
       objects and image (rasterfiles and icons) objects can be created for
       placement anywhere on the page. Milestone event objects (with a single
       associated date and optional text and milestone symbol) and activity
       objects (with start and end dates and an optional completion date)
       have unique editing panels for inputting data.  A representation for
       schedule slips is also provided.

       A milestone schedule is saved to an ASCII file (*.xopps) which can be
       input later into the XOPPS program for editing or printing. The
       program can also print a schedule to a laser printer or a PostScript


       The planning tool, xopps, is available as a complete package through
       NASA COSMIC (with source code, etc).  The COSMIC phone number is
       706-542-3265, it is managed by The University of Georgia.  This
       version is being made available as a test/demonstration copy of the
       executable for your use.

       For further information at JPL, contact: susan murphy 818-354-1948 cassie mulnix 818-354-1430

  This is from an oldish README file, so some of this info may be out of

  2.1.3.  WISE

  WISE: Web Integrate Software Environment!
   See under the
  WISE entry in the WWW section for further information.

  2.2.  Is there any commercial PM software around for UNIX ?

  Yes.  Lots.

  The following basic information (name of package, name and address of
  supplier, platforms etc) is sometimes supplemented by information from
  the manufacturer where this has been supplied.  The information
  supplied by the manufacturer is preceded by the phrase "From XXYYZZ"
  (where XXYYZZ is the supplier) and the information supplied is in

  I have had comments from folks who would like some sort of comparative
  table on the features of each of these.  I am not in a position to do
  this - does anyone think this is absolutely necessary ?  My concern is
  that it will be extremely difficult to produce a comprehensive
  comparative table.  My immediate thought is to allow each company to
  send me a file describing their product which I can make available
  from a server.  Let me know your thoughts on this.  Pete

  Anyone who wants to supplement this section, please send me your
  contributions so that I can keep this file up to date.  Please submit
  information in the following format (I am using the Linuxdoc SGML
  system to format this FAQ at present).

   Product Name
  Company Name goes here.
  Company address goes here.
  Phone No.
  Phone number goes here.
  Fax No.
  Fax number goes here.
  Email contact address goes here.
  Platforms  that the software runs on.
  Price - please make clear currency.
  Any other information
  Date of entry.
  Date entry last updated
  Contributed by:
  Contributors name and email address.

  If you do not want your contribution attributed to yourself, please
  state this clearly in your email.

  2.2.1.  AutoPLAN II

        Digital Tools

        10351, Bubb Road Cupertino, CA 95014 USA

     Phone No.

     Fax No.


        Contact Digital Tools


        UNIX version
           Sun Sparc (running SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.3 or higher) HP
           9000/700 or 800 (running HP-UX 8.05 or higher) IBM RS6000
           (running AIX 3.1.5 or 4.1.2 )

         UNIX Server/Windows Client version

              486 based PC running MS Windows 3.1/95/NT.

              Any one of the above UNIX platforms.

        Windows version
           486 based PC running MS Windows 95/NT.

        AutoTEAM, a  companion product for timesheets and project
        tracking is available on all the above mentioned platforms.

     Date of entry.
        26th Feb 1996

        Web site for more info. 

  2.2.2.  COMPASS

        NASA's COSMIC

     Phone No.


        Sun 3/4



     Date of entry.

  2.2.3.  IntraPlan


     Web Site

        Windows, Mac, Unix etc

        Intra2000 is releasing a new project management application at
        the JavaOne conference on April 3rd in San Francisco.  Our
        application is called IntraPlan and is written in Java.  This PM
        application will run on any computer platform, Windows, Mac,
        Unix etc. as well as the WebTV and new Network Computers.

     Date of entry.
        25th March 1997

  2.2.4.  GECOMO Plus

        GEC-Marconi Software Systems


     Phone No.

     Fax No.





     Date of entry.

  2.2.5.  MasterPlan 1.1X

        Quality Software Products


     Phone No.

     Fax No.



        Approx 900 pounds (UK) from Unipress Software (UK). USA unknown.


     Date of entry.

  2.2.6.  SIZE Plus

        GEC-Marconi Software Systems


     Phone No.

     Fax No.





     Date of entry.

  2.2.7.  ACCENT GraphicVUE

        National Information Systems Inc

        4040 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 200, San Jose, California
        95117-1852, USA

     Phone No.
        408-985-7100 (Voice) 800-441-5758 - Toll-Free (USA)

     Fax No.

     Email (Dave Wagner)

        Sun 3 & 4 (running Solaris 1.0 or greater), HP 9000 series 700
        workstations running HP-UX 8.05 or greater, Silicon Graphics
        Personal IRIS and Indigo workstations running IRIX 4.0.1 or

        $2,950 for 1st floating single user license.  Further licenses
        (for user 2 through to 5)  $1,750 each.  User 6 and above,
        $1,250 each.

        Previously VUE from TEI

     Date of entry.

  2.2.8.  ACCENT GraphicVUE (Personal Edition)

        National Information Systems Inc

        4040 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 200, San Jose, California
        95117-1852, USA

     Phone No.
        408-985-7100 (Voice) 800-441-5758 - Toll-Free (USA)

     Fax No.

     Email (Dave Wagner)

        ACCENT GraphicVUE is available on Sun Microsystems workstations
        running SunOS 4.1.x and Solaris 1.0, Hewlett-Packard 9000 series
        700 workstations running HP-UX version 8.05 or greater, the DEC
        Alpha AXP running OSF/1, and Silicon Graphics workstations
        running IRIX 4.0.1 or greater.

        Starting at $995 with a 60-day money back guarantee for each
        workstation license and can be upgraded to a multiple-project
        processing, network version.


     Date of entry.

  2.2.9.  Open Plan

        Welcom Software Technology

        In the UK: South Bank TechnoPark, 90 London Rd, London SE1 6LN

        In the USA: 15995 N BARKERS LANDING RD, STE 275, HOUSTON TX

     Phone No.
        UK: +44 71 401 2626 USA: (713) 558 0514

     Fax No.
        UK: +44 71 922 8865 USA: (713) 584 7828

     Email  (for sales) (for

        Runs under SCO Unix and SunOS/Solaris, as well as Mac, MS-DOS,
        and VMS.

        UK: 3,250 Pounds

        Also have branches and distributors in France, Germany,
        Australia, and South Africa; phone the UK number for more

        The following is courtesy of Welcom:

          OPEN PLAN is a project management package, which can be used "as-
          is", providing the following features:

     o  Project Executive (an interactive barcharting tool for planners)

     o  Time Analysis

     o  Progress Tracking

     o  Comprehensive Resource Scheduling

     o  Multi-Project Scheduling

     o  On-Line Help

     o  Support of ADM & PDM projects

     o  A large number of standard reports, featuring barcharts, S-
        curves, network logic diagrams, tables, WBS & OBS structure
        diagrams, and many more.

        Or it can be easily customised to meet extended project
        management needs through the use of built-in screen editors and
        report writers, or through use of an Xbase 4GL and database.
        With its use of Xbase and WRL, Welcom's Reporting Language, Open
        Plan is very flexible as to the methods of input and output, and
        supports most output devices under DOS & Mac.  On Unix and Vax,
        the output devices supported are:

     o  text printers

     o  HPGL compatible devices

     o  Postscript devices (including Sun Pageview preview to the

     o  Regis graphics terminals

        All platforms are capable of multi-user access with record-
        locking, and all platforms require an Xbase interpreter (such as
        dBase, Foxpro or similar)

     Date of entry.

  2.2.10.  Cobra

        Welcom Software.

        See "Open plan" above.

        Alun Jones

        DOS & VAX

        Requires Xbase RDBMS and 4GL.

        Cobra is a cost and performance measurement application which
        provides project or cost account managers with budget, actual
        cost and project performance information.  Features include the
        ability to break work down into discrete time-phased work
        packages against which actual costs may be collected and
        performance assessed.

     Date of entry.

  2.2.11.  Ultra Planner

        Productivity Solutions

        72 North Street, Medfield, MA 02052

     Phone No.
        +1 508 359 1300

     Fax No.
        +1 508 359 1333

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