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Archive-Name: supermodels-faq
Last-Modified: 1995/10/07
Version: 3.0

This is the Frequently Asked Questions file for alt.supermodels.  It tries
to address the standard questions, so the regular readers won't have to
see them again.  The information is mostly drawn from postings to this
group, but a lot has been contributed directly by individual readers and
by my own fashion magazine purchasing habit.  Some of these entries may be
hopelessly out of date and for that I do apologize.  However, if you see
something that is really bad and you are a fan of that model, just send me
a copy of the entry and your corrections. 

This FAQ still needs hard data; addresses (fashion houses, magazines, 
catalogs, fan clubs, etc), birthdates, measurements, earning power, names 
of the new models, and whatever else can help us all follow them.
I have noticed from posts that the FAQ does not address older models from
even the early 70's and 80's.  Any fans out there with information should
send it to me so I can include it.  I recently acquired Arthur Elgort's 
Model Manual and Michael Gross's book Model:The ugly business of 
beautiful women and will attempt to cross check using those books.

I also have been in contact with Paxti Pastor (ceo) of the
http://WWW.SUPERMODEL.COM site and there are some interesting things afoot 



    Lists of models and data.
    Common questions and answers.
    Sources of additional movie appearance information.
    Where to get the latest version of this and other FAQs.
    How to contribute if you don't have usenet posting access.
    History of alt.supermodels and this FAQ.
    Disclaimer & copyrights.

Lists of models and data.


Alexander, Karen
    Born: '65?
    Began modelling: at age 16, '76?
    Height: 5' 9-1/2"
    Bust-waist-hips: 33-23.5-33
    Size: 6
    Shoe: 10
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Agency: IMG
    First Black model to appear in SI swimsuit issue in 1987.
    Is married and has a daughter Ella.

Alexis, Kim
    Pregnant cover girl on spring issue of Shape magazine
    Son, 8lb 13oz, Noah Fernand
    Married to former NHL star Ron Duguay.  She has two sons from a 
    previous marriage and he has two daughters.

Alt, Carol
    Hair color: brown
    Born: Dec 1 1960 in New York City
    Semi-Retired.  Modeled for Cover Girl Cosmetics.  Played in a couple 
    of B movies; some starring roles.
    Currently starring in the syndicated TV show "Thunder in Paradise"
    Was recently on runways with other more seasoned veterans.

Amadei, Magali
    Hair: Jet Black
    She's on the cover of August(94) Glamour (may or june as well) 
    and has a feature in September (94) Mirabella.

Andurand, Muriel
    Age: 17 (?)
    Agency: ELITE
    Height: 1.82m
    Measurements: 93-64-91 cm

    Age: 22 (?)
    Height: 1.79m
    Bust-waist-hips: 88-61-90 cm
    Venue a Paris pour les shows Dior et Lagerfeld.
    Elle travaille immediatement pour Glamour, Elle Allemange, et le
    Figaro Madame avec Lothar et Nick Knight.
    (hey this one is easy to translate)
    Debut in Paris with the Dior and Lagerfeld shows.  She worked
    immediately for Glamour, German Elle and Figaro Madame with
    Lothar and NK.

Ariffin, Nora
    Models for Cover Girl Cosmetics.

Auermann, Nadja
    Nationality: German
    Hair: Platinum Blonde
    Height: 1.71 meters  (1.08 is all leg)
    Age:  23  (as of sept 94)
    Born:  1971 in West Berlin to Banker parents
    Agency: ELITE
	Following history paraphrased from _THE FACE_ article on her:

June 1989 - sitting in a cafe and asked to model for a travel 
	catalogue. (she bombed) 
Nov 1990 - Signed with 1st agency, Karins.
Mar 1991 - switches to ELITE, Benetton shoot for French Vouge with Paulo 
Apr 1991 - Ellen Von Unwerth meets her, and options her for future work.
Oct 1991 - British Vogue publishes Nadja's first fashion story, Von 
	Unwerth's "She's An Enigma"
Nov 1991 - Cover of French Glamour.
Jan 1992 - Shoots Gaultier, Dolce & Gabanna, and Prada campaigns with 
	photographer Steven Meisel.
spring 92 - shoots "grunge" look with Kristen McMenamy (close friend of hers)
jun 1992 - Appears in George Michael's "Too Funky" video.
jun/jul 92 - 1st French Vogue cover.  Italian, then british vogue all 
autumn/winter 92 - Waif ManiaYSL campaign with photographer Helmut Newton
Dec 92 - meets boyfriend Alexander Bougault (paris real estate agent)
apr 93 - Appears on US Vogue and Harper's Bazaar covers
sep 93 - second YSL campaign with H.N.  (waif days are numbered)
oct 93 - bleaches her hair for the pret-a-porter collections.
oct/nov 93 - American Vogue and Harper's Bazaar immediately go nuts for 
	her and end the year with two special portfolios of her.
jan/feb 94 - Harper' and UK Vogue (mario sorrenti and nick Knight 
Mar 94 - 2nd season of catwalk as bleach blonde.  Appears in EVERYONE's 
shows.  becomes Robin Derrick's (UK Vogue art dir.) "The One".
may 94 - 26 page shoot for Neiman Marcus in Harper's Bazaar with 
	photographer Richard Avedeon
jun/jul 94 - US Vogue uses her twice both months
aug 94 - dominates british fashion tabloid coverage of Paris Coture shows
sep 94 - appears on BOTH American Vogue and Harper's Bazaar covers
	in the same month, and British Vouge for a hat-trick

    Ethnicity: English, French, and German
    Nationality: American
    Age: 21  (Harper's Bazaar may 94)
    Hair color: Reddish Brown
    Skin: freckled
    Eyes: Blue
    Has ears that stick out at the bottom.


Banks, Tyra
    Age: 20 (?)
    Agency: Img
    Appeared in "Inferno", a British sexploitation film.
    Has recurring role as "Jackie" on NBC's Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model (april 1994 SI calendar)
	"With a promising academic career on hold - she has already been 
	accepted by five colleges, ranging from New York University in 
	the East to the University of Southern California in her native 
	Los Angeles - Tyra juggles assignments for Ralph Lauren, Yves 
	St. Laurent, Chanel, abd Oscar de la Renta, as well as an ocasional
	video appearance for Michael Jackson." [Jule Campbell, SI]
    director John Singleton is boyfriend.

Barguilla, Helena
    she has been in some Gaultier ads... most of her work is runway and 

Barrymore, Drew
    Born: 22 Feb 1975 in Culver City, California, USA 
    Agency: ELITE
    As a child, she starred in several films, including "E.T. the 
    Extra-Terrestrial", and "Firestarter".  She recovered from a drug 
    addiction, and restarted her career with "Poison Ivy".  Which was partially
    intended to show she had grown up.  Replaced Anne Smith as Guess?
    Jeans' model.  Has tattoos on her ankle and hand, and a butterfly
    near her navel.
    Bardot-like pout.  Her idea of a good time "Fat, adult, prime-time, 
    white-trash TV." (said laughing)  Has also been in a TV movie and 
    recently in "Bad Girls" with a cast of other famous women.
    Was married, now divorced after 1 month with Jeremy Thomas.

Bayle, Anna
	runway model from the late 70's early 80's
	"She had a polished runway walk."  Demised by the waifs in the 90's.

Bellucci, Monica
    Height: 5'9-1/2"
    Bust-waist-hips: 35-24-35
    Dress size: 6-8
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Shoe size: 9-1/2
    Born: 1969?
    Agency: ELITE
    Nationality: Italian
    Cast as a vampire in the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula directed
    by Francis Ford Coppola.  She was discovered by Coppola's son Roman
    on the cover of an Italian magazine called Zoom.

Bercu, Michaela
    Height: 6'
    Bust-waist-hips: 34b-25-36
    Dress size: 6-8
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Shoe size: 10.5 - 11
    Agency: ELITE
    Appeared as a vampire in Coppola's Dracula.  Cover of Feb 93 Shape.

Bergin, Michael
    Male Model
    Discovered in a public walk-in model search in New York City. 
    Models underwear for Calvin Klein (among other work).

Bishop, Lelani
    Age: 18 (june 94, german elle)
    Can be seen the the "Sportmax" brassiere ads, also in the 
    "Supermodels in the Rainforest" calendar for 1995.

Boderanko, Larissa
	recent Guess ad campaign.
	Interview in Rolling Stone, photographed by Dewey Nicks
	Nationality:  Russian

Bolivar, Chantal
    Age: 19 (?)
    Agency: ELITE
    Height: 1.76m
    Bust-waist-hips: 85-64-93 cm

Brown, Ethan
    Male Model
    model for Tommy Hilridge's underwear designs.  (Nationwide campaign)

Brinkley, Christie
    Born: Febuary 2, 1954
    Agency: Ford
    Mostly retired.  Married to Billy Joel.
    Recently (april 1994) was involved with a heliocopter crash.
    Currently estranged from Billy Joel, has a daughter from that
    marriage, and appeared in a VR episode of "Mad About You".
    Linked romantically with Millionaire Realator who was also in Heli-crash
    Now classed as Ultramodel (she's 40) Now married to Rick Taubmao, the 
    guy in the heli-crash.

Brosh, Nina
    ethnicity:  1/2 russian, 1/2 chinese  
    shows up in issue 316 (dec 94) of French PHOTO

Bruni, Carla
    Born: 68? in Turin, Italy
    Began modelling: at age 19
    Agency: Women Model Management
    Height: 1.76 m
    Bust-waist-hips: 85-58-90 cm
    Her boyfriend is Swiss actor Vincent Perez (4 years older)
    although she was rumored to be the cause of the marriage breakup
    between Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall.  Bruni countered the
    allegations by asking why she would have anything to do with a
    shrivelled up old fossil like Mick Jagger.  As a result, Jagger and
    Hall's marriage appears to remain intact.  A story on Bruni appears
    in the Jan 93 issue of American Vogue.


Campbell, Naomi
    Height: 5'9-1/2"
    Bust-waist-hips: 34-23-32
    Dress size: 6-8
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Shoe size: 9
    Agency: Ford 
    Born: May 22 1970 in London, England
    Is one of the top five supermodels in the modelling industry.
    Appears in a steamy video with Michael Jackson and is reportedly
    pursuing a singing career on her own.  Appears as singer in movie
    "Cool as Ice".  Engaged to Adam Clayton, U2's bass guitarist.  Has a 
    peirced belly button (ELLE june 1994 Picture p128) 
    Shows her breasts quite frequently now in print.
    Naomi wrote a novel called `Swan`, written by an ex-editor at Reed Books.
    They handed her an outline so she could talk about it.

Subject:  magazine piece on Naomi Campbell.

Campbell In Soup

NAOMI NO-SHOW:  Organizers of this Friday's benefit for the not-for-profit
AIDS service group Houseing Works aresn't feelin too charitable about Naomi
Campbell these days.  The bratty supermodel is notably absent from the list
of African-American models hosting the organization's SOul '95 benefit at
Industria Superstudio--an all-star line-up that includes Iman, Veronica Webb,
Beverly Peele, Karen Alexander, and Roshumba.  Sources say organizers
purposely scratched Naomi from the list after she snubbed last year's event.
  "As a host, all she had to do was show up, and she didn't," one insider
said.  "we read in the paper the next morning that she went to another party
[photo of Campbell by Terry O'Neill/Sygma, caption: Naomi Campbell, not the
life of this party]

--, June 19, 1995

Carangi, Gia
   supermodel in the 70's. 

Excerpts from _MODEL: The ugly business of beautiful women.  by Michael Gross
   bisexual drug abuser who had a short but highly visably career.
   Died of AIDS in 1986 
   a Philadelphia teenager whose wild ways and sultry looks made her a
   favorite of photographers from Francesco Scavullo to Chris von
   Wangenheim, who specialized in pictures that captured the madness
   of the disco era.
  "The latest topic of conversation in modeling is the resurgence of drugs--
  particularly Heroin--among a clique of models who, in macabre homage, 
  reportably call themselves Gia's Girls, in honor of Gia Carangi, the 
  bisexual addict who had a brief career in modeling and then died of AIDS."

  For more information about her please read the following book:
  Stephen Fried's "Thing of Beauty-The Tragedy of Supermodel Gia".

Carter, Lynda
    Now retired, but was one of Maybeline's biggest models a few 
    years ago.  (Moisture Whip Lipstick) Best known for playing Wonder 
    Woman on TV.  Still does TV ads for a contact lens manufacturer.  

    new model
    Nationality: English
    Hair: Dark, short
    Agency: Storm

Cates, Phoebe
    A teen model before becoming an actress.  Several major film credits.
    Married to actor Kevin Kline.  Lives on the upper west side of Manhattan.
    Favorite pin-up in the Phillipines.
    Basically Retired.

    Nationality: American
    Height: 1.73m
    Bust-waist-hips: 85-60-85 cm
    Practique la danse et le ski nautique.  Arrive chez City en octobre, 
    elle demarre sa carriere avec ELLE France et travaille avec Marc 
    Hispard, Steven Mesisel, Jacques Olivar et Arthur Elogrt.  
    Took dancing lessons and water skiing.  Arrived in City(Paris?)
    in October.  ??????, has worked with MH, SM,JO and AE (photographers)

Christensen, Helena
    Born: Born Dec 25 1968 in Copenhagen, Denmark
    Ethnicity/Nationality:  Mixed.
	Father- Danish
	Mother- South American (Venezuelan I think)
    Height: 1.77m
    Bust-waist-hips: 90-60-90 cm
		62 Boulevard Sebatopol
		Paris  France   75003
    Agent: Veronique   (send fan mail via this person)
    Appears in print ads for Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, & Kenar.
    Involved with Michael Hutchence of INXS.  Was in Chris Issac's 
    "Wicked Game" mini-movie.  Appeared in "Inferno", a British 
    sexploitation film.  Currently in ads for Royal Copenhagen/Georg 
    Jensen Jewelry.  A MPEG movie of her appearance in "Inferno" exists 
    (wrongly labeled as Linda Evangilista by the creator)  This footage 
    has appeared on FT (Fashion Television) at least 3 times now.

Connelly, Jennifer
    Born: Dec 12 1970 in New York, USA
    Connelly did some modelling around '87.  She's now a serious
    actress with several film credits including "The Rocketeer",
    "Career Opportunities", and "Hotspot" (which contains the only
    known topless photo of her).

Crawford, Cindy Ann
    Height: 5'9-1/2"
    Bust-waist-hips: 34B-24-35
    Dress size: 8
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Shoe size: 9-1/2
    Born: 20 Feb 1966 in De Kalb, Illinois, USA
    Agency: ELITE
    Schooling: Northwestern, Chemical Engineering (1 sem)
    Modeling Break: ELITE "Look of the year contest", 1982
    Probably the single most widely recognized supermodel.  Cindy was
    the spokesperson for Pepsi for a while, has her own exercise video,
    and her own show on MTV.  She's also done at least three calendars,
    and of the profit, half (I believe) goes toward fighting leukemia.
    Had a three year $3 million contract with Revlon.  Also appeared in
    print ads for JH Collectables and Capezio Bags.  She appeared in 
    a series of lingerie posters for Hennes & Mauritz in Europe.  The
    Norway police tore many of them down because they feared drivers
    were being too distracted.  She has said she feels too old for
    runway modeling, and wishes to cut back to part time modelling.
    Cindy is not doing any calendar for 1994.  She is said to be busy
    doing and promoting her exercise/work-out video.  The same company
    who made the last 4 calendars has brought out the Cindy Crawford
    1994 European Edition Calendar which has various pics taken from
    her last four calendars.  Also, there is another calendar produced
    by an English firm which is of fairly poor quality (its only 12
    month while the European Edition is 16 months).
    [ Addresses for the two companies, CULTRE SHOCK and DAY DREAM 
    CALENDARS, are in the addresses section of this FAQ. ]
    She was married to actor Richard Gere in Dec '91 at the Little
    Church of the West in Las Vegas, by Rev.  Wes McPherson.  They
    using wedding bands twisted from chewing gum wrappers.  Cindy 
    said, during an interview, they plan on having a child soon.
    Cindy is frequently rumored to be bisexual, and having an affair
    with Christy Turlington.  In '91, they were photographed while
    kissing behind the Roxy nightclub in New York.  The rumors have
    intensified since Cindy appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair
    shaving k.d. lang, a confirmed lesbian.  
    Appeared topless in the July 1988 Playboy.  Quote: "I don't mind if
    someone thinks a picture of me decorates their wall nicely.  It's
    weird when you think what people might be doing to it.  But if just
    the way I look can make someone feel good, that's a pretty easy way
    for me to bring them some pleasure.  I just don't want to hear
    about graphics details, you know." US April 1993.
    MTV House of Style (5 years on the air)
    Top grossing model of 1994 with over 6 million dollars earned.
    Has broken off with Richard Gere.  Still does runway and print work, 
    major contracts for Revlon and other companies.
    When first starting out Cindy was called "Baby Gia" after now dead Gia
    Carangi, the main difference being that Cindy was wholesome and Gia
    died from her lifestyle.  The resemblence between them in the early 
    years is uncanny.


Davis, Geena 
    Height:  at least 6 ft tall
    Weight:  average build, athletic with average body fat ratio
    Hair color:  Has changed from red to blond to dirty blond, lots of dye.
    Modeled lingerie before becoming famous as an actress.
    First appearance:  "Buffalo Bill" tv show, "Tootsie" in lingerie
    Was married to actor Jeff Goldblum.  Has appeared in several movies.
    Now married to Finnish movie director Renny Harlin.

Dee Dee 
    Height: 5'11" 
    Bust-waist-hips: 35-25-36 
    Dress size: 8-9 
    Hair color: Blonde 
    Eye color: Blue 
    Shoe size: 10 
    Agency: ELITE

Deneuve, Catherine 
    Now semi-retired, but modeled before becoming famous as an actress.
    Has reappeared recently in ads for Yves Saint Laurent

Dickinson, Janice
    Born: Brooklyn, NY, USA
    Raised: Hollywood, FL, USA
    Ethnicity: Polish, Scot, Irish
    Age: 40
    Skin: Olive
    Hair: raven black
    Agency/Representation: Keswick/Hamilton
    Supermodel survivor of the late 70's.  Has had covers on every major 
    fashion magazine.  Used to make $30k a day. Now has two children, 
    Nathan(7) and Savannah (fathered by Slyvester Stallone during a 2 
    year affair) now married to real-estate tycoon Albert Gerston as of 
    Feb 14, 1995.  Started "Models Anonymous", the unofficial support 
    group for [her words] "anguished beauties".  Is experiencing a 
    comeback as more designers are returning to the models with memorable 
    personalities and very recognizable faces.  J.D's lips were very 
    controversial when she first worked.  Modeling for Versace and 
    recently appeared in the German edition of Playboy.  Is a "Fashion 
    Reporter" for _American Journal_.
	"I was huge," brags Dickinson.  "I did covers in more countries 
	than you can count, I had the biggest lips and the exotic look 
	that broke the mold for models like Christeeee and Cindeeee and 
	Naomiiii," she sings.  (excerpted from Marie Claire USA iss. #2)

Douglas, Dana
    Ethnicity: Italian & Irish
    Nationality: American
    Age: 17  (Harper's Bazaar May 94 "The New All-Americans")
    Hair: Black? Dark Brown?
    Eyes: Dark Brown (she's squinting...)
    Skin: light italian colors.  possibly a mole on her left cheek

Douglas, Meghan 
    Height: 5'10" 
    Bust-waist-hips: 33-24.5-35 
    Dress size: 6-8 
    Hair color: Lt. Brown 
    Eye color: Blue-Green 
    Shoe size: 7.5-8
    Agency: ELITE

Meghan is a gorgeous young lady, and also, very happily married. Her hubby
is Liam Dalton, who runs a stock investment firm in NY where they both
live.  Although Meghan can be found modeling in Paris and Milan, she is
almost always in the Chanel and Oldham shows in NY. Her most recent move
has been to dye her hair red, therefore confirming her nickname, the
"Catwalk Chameleon", which she earned from her many varied looks (ala
Linda Evangelista). She has been Blonde and streaked prior to her tred,
but her red did for her what Nadja Auermans platinum did for her.  From
what I know, she's had an interesting past -- her father was a diplomat so
she lived in India, Beirut, Greece, Berlin, and started modeling after she
didn't get into her first-choice college. She'd been offered a contract
after entering the Elite Look of the Year contest. She married Liam in 1994.
Dubosfertus, Nadege 
    Usually just Nadege.  She is married to photographer Tiziano Magni
    who has one son named Rocco.  She was married in '92 in an Azzedine
    Alaia mini dress with push-up bodice.  Nadege appears regularly in
    American Vogue and on the runways.  She can be seen in ads for Chanel.


Elliott, Gail 
    Height: 5'10" 
    Bust-waist-hips: 34-23-35 
    Dress size: 6-8
    Hair color: Brunette 
    Eye color: Brown 
    Shoe size: 9.5 
    Agency: ELITE
    Another "older" model, but is still going strong especially on
    runway and in print ads.  Can be seen in ads for Ports
    International and Jaeger.  Close friends with Victoria's Secret model 
    Frederique van der Wal.

Erwin, Elaine
    Model, Calvin Klein girl before K. Moss.  Married to musician John 
    Coogar Mellancamp.  Not very active in recent years.

Evangelista, Linda 
    Born: May 10, 1965 in Saint Catherines, Canada
    Height: 5'9-1/2" 
    Bust-waist-hips: 34.5-25-35 
    Dress size: 8 
    Hair color: ????  Short (color changes daily?)
    Original Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye color: Blue-Green 
    Shoe size: 8.5 
    Agency: ELITE
    Nationality: Canadian.  
    Linda is one of the top five supermodels of the world.  She
    recently joked that she wouldn't get out of bed for less than
    $10,000 a day.  She appears in ads for Barney's New York (with Kyle
    MacLachlan), and in ads for Kenar.  She is also reported to be one
    of the hardest working models of the moment which could partly
    account for her great success.  Married to Gerald Marie, president of
    the ELITE agency in France, but getting a divorce.  Going with Kyle
    MacLaughlin(Twin Peaks, The Hidden, Roswell, Dune) who goes to all her 
    show appearances.  Tested to take over Estee Lauder campaign from 
    Paulina Porizkova.  Has replaced Stephanie Seymour in Versace campaigns.
    April/May 1994-walked in 30 min Karl Lagerfield Chole show 8 times, 40 
    seconds each and took home a check for a cool $10,000.  Her career 
    took off in the 80's due to a haircut by infamous Garren from NYC (of 
    allure magazine.)  Since this time her hair color and style varies 
    almost for every runway and print job she does proving that she's 
    working hard to stay fresh and popular among the designers.

Recent mentions of her smoking habit in the alt.supermodels newsgroup:

+We spotted a picture of Linda in a German mag in 1993 "sporting" cigarette
+burns down her back! She was wearing a backless dress and showing them 
+off.  She was there with Kyle at the time. 

>Sure! There are many pictures of Linda smoking! I have seen a lot!
>I read an interview as well as a special edition of a European MAX
>talking about Supermodels back in the time when we called them
>"Top Models" (kinda miss that time back in '90) and in the Linda
>description there was something saying "She smokes 20 MARLBOROs
>a day!" (that is a full packet). I thought most of you out there
>knew that!!!! In that same magazine there was a small picture of
>her lighting up a cigarette. 

|If she still smokes, she probably doesn't smoke as much. She's had lung
|trouble, and she had to have surgery for a collapsed lung in (I think)

Everhart, Angie
    Hair color: red
    Eyes: Brown
    Nationality: USA
    Agency: Next
    Has done Sports Illustrated calenders, Levi's 501 television ad,
    Hennes & Mauritz ads, MAX magazine, J-Crew, etc.  Had a bit part in
    "The Last Action Hero", a recent Schwarzenegger vehicle.  Lived in
    Paris, but has moved to New York.  Speaks French.  She promised her
    grandmother she would never pose nude.  Accomplished equestrian (she 
    rides horses, possibly implying that she does dressage). Possibly 
    still living in Paris (dec 93 Shape magazine  Has appeared in many 
    Sports Illustrated calendars, both wall and desk variety.  Has a 
    tattoo of Angie on her thigh.  Called "most beautiful redhead" on 
    french tv's Dechauanne's Coucou C'est Nous (autumn 93)
    Angie Everhart and Sly Stallone are officially engaged. 


    Skin:  tanned, free of chest hair  ;)
    Hair color:  BLACK  (bleached blonde and very long)
    A male model.  There is some debate whether he is handsome, or 
    an ugly "refugee from a bad metal band".
    Earned his fame as a model for romantic novel covers (Harlequin, etc)
    Has a calendar out.  Now has his own line of Fabio romance novels and 
    is appearing in the "I can't believe its not butter" tv ads.  
    Was butt of a joke on The Late Show with David Letterman where one of 
    his calendars was placed on a busy NYC sidewalk with no people paying 
    attention to it.

Falaise, Lucie de la
    Born: 73?
    Began modelling: Dec 92?
    One of the new crop of models labelled the "gamines".  She appeared
    on the cover of Vogue Dec. 92.  She is 19 and is model/muse
    exclusively for Yves Saint Laurent.  Appears in made-for-HBO movie
    "Women & Men 2: In Love There Are No Rules".  Yves St. Laurent
    chose her for the traditional final presentation of a bridal gown
    at the unveiling of his spring '93 collection.

Farrell, Terry
    Born: November 19, 1963 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Bust-Waist-Hips: 34-25-36
    Appeared on Vouge and Mademoiselle covers
    Also was the Kool cigarettes girl, and appeared in a 1991 Virgina
    Slims ad featuring her dressed as Neopoleon
    Appeared in "Portfolio" (1983) a movie about modeling with Carol Alt,
    Kelly Emberg, and Paulina Porizkova
    Rumored to have modeled before becoming an actress.  Plays 
    "Jadzia Dax" on Star Trek, Deep Space Nine.
    There exists a Terry Farrell FAQ, maintained by Jeffery Koga.
    He posts it to alt.supermodels from time to time and maintains a www 
    site with a very exhaustive FAQ and image library.
last known link:

Fedoruk, Cathy
    Height: 5'9-1/2"
    Bust-waist-hips: 34B-25-35
    Dress size: 8
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    Shoe size: 9.5
    Agency: ELITE
    Nationality: Canadian
    Appears in ads for Ellese.

Fernando, Perin
    Nationality: Sri Lankan
    did shows for Dior, Yves St. laurent in New York and Paris,
    Armani in Milan, Anuska Hemple, and Paul Castello in London.
    looks like Yasmeen Ghauri, ie exotic.

Flavin, Jennifer
    Agency: IMG
    Not a "super" model.  Was Sylvester Stallone's girlfriend and it was
    rumored that designer's had been putting her in their shows as a
    favor to "Rocky".  Her nose has been likened to Bob Hope's.
    Nonetheless, she can be seen occasionally in mags with Stallone,
    but was on a cover of Cosmopolitan in Spring 92.

Ford, Patricia
    from: Hawaii
    There is a french web site with many pictures of her.  No runway work 
    as far as I can tell, however, she has been mentioned a lot in the 
    newsgroup, so that is why she is in the FAQ.
    Poses for:  Playboy and various calendars and swimwear catalogs
    95 calendar:  	T&M Enterprises		(415).598.2873
		 	P.O. Box 31514
			San Francisco, CA 94131

Fournier, Charlene
    Ethnicity: Native American (Mohawk, Algonquin, and Cree) and 
    Age: 18 (as of May 94 Harper's Bazaar)
    Nationality: American
    Hair: Black
    Skin: light brown (nutmeg?)
    Eyes: Black? (squinting in photo so I can't tell...)
	This girl is in all the magazines and does lots of runway shows.  

Francis, John
    Nationality: American
    Born: January 12, 1965
    Raised: Chicago
    One of the top 5 male models.
    Tall, slightly receeding hairline (like Bruce Willis')


Gayheart, Rebecca
    Hair: RED
    Models for department store calendars, Bergner's, Famous Barr, and 
    Khol's.  Now appearing weekly on NBC's Earth2.  Also appeared in a 
    Sir Mix-a-lot music video.  (Staggeringly popular girl)

Ghauri, Yasmeen
    Nationality: Montreal, Canada
    Agency: Karins/Next 
    One of the top supermodels.  Appears in ads for Valentino, Escada,
    and Gianni Versace.  German/Pakistani heritage: her father was an
    Indian Muslim who migrated to Pakistan during the partition in
    1947.  Her mother was German.  She grew up in Montreal.  Quite
    often she is fond of wearing Shalwar/Kameez.  Appears in 95' 
    Victoria's Secret catalogs.  Extensive coverage given to her on FT as 
    she is a local girl done good.  Currently appearing in every VS 
    catalog albeit through re-used photographs.

    A model who is popular on the runways.  She also appears in recent
    ads for Saks Fifth Avenue and has a small appearance in George
    Michael's Too Funky video.

Goff, Trish(a)
    Age:  she was 18 as of February 19, when an ET feature on hot 
    models for 1995 was broadcast. layouts in Harper's Bazaar and W, and 
    she's been in ads for Cento X Cento and Versus, so you might have seen 
    her there as well as other places.
    appears in VOGUE, June'95?  as well as in almost every major magazine
    now.  Seems to be working all the big designers' shows.
    she's from Pittsburgh, PA. Can't tell you much else but she's rising so
    fast that more info should be coming in.
    I see her in many magazines and she is apparently the new fresh face.

Goodacre, Jill
    Height: 5'8"
    Bust-waist-hips: 35-24-34
    Dress size: 8
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Eye color: Green
    Shoe size: 9
    Agency: ELITE
    Born: 29 March 1964 in Lubbock, Texas, USA (raised in Boulder, Colorado)
    Often appears in Victoria's Secret Catalogue.
    Married to singer/actor Harry Connick, Jr.  Recently appeared on premiere
    issue of "Vie" a new health/fitness magazine.
    Mostly retired.

Griffin, Debbie
    Age: 25  
    Born/Raised: in Oregon, USA
    Nationality: American
    Height: 1.8m
    Bust-waist-hips: 90-67-90 cm
    Likes to dance and ski.
    She has done photo shoots for Marie Claire and Vogue.  Cover for 
    Marie Claire.  Living in Los Angeles.  Appeared in "Diet coke commercial 
    with the Elephant".

    Nationality:  Singaporean
    Appeared in Gianfranco Ferre and Christian Dior shows.  Mainly a 
    runway model.  (possibly appears in Vanity Fair years 93' & 94')

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