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Archive-name: waffle-faq
Original-Author: [address-removed-upon-request] (Vince Skahan)
And-Then: fenner [at] (Bill Fenner)
And-Then: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG (Russell Schulz)
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                    Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ list for comp.bbs.waffle can be found on the Internet:

Table of Contents:

Let's create a waffle replacement!
General information
Support mechanism
28k modems
Files section
Administering a usenet site
Aftermarket add-ons
Waffle bugs
Transition to 1.65
Waffle and OS/2
Waffle and NT
Waffle and wwivedit
Waffle and kermit
Getting waffle files via mail-based archive servers
Getting waffle files via anonymous uucp
Making waffle menu-driven
What can I do about uuxqt/rnews hanging on long Path: headers?
Why do I get Error 5 deleting call file?
What is the difference between access level and privelege level?
Why does waffle complain about `truncated batch'?
How can I set up a mailing list?  Waffle won't let me have more than 20?
How can I set up a info@ auto-reply mechanism?
What changes are needed for the new free BSD systems?
How can I get RIP graphics on waffle for $2?
Why do Xmodem uploads into a message crash waffle?
How does waffle handle time zones?
Who has a PIF file for running waffle under MS-Windows?
What init string works for you?
Can I get a list of all waffle BBSs?
How exactly do I configure Amanda for Fido connectivity?
Why do I get all those "Monkey+Typewriter" errors when logging in?
How can I handle faxes on the line waffle uses?


Subject: waffle: Disclaimer
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

Read at your own risk.  The current, previous, or original authors
make no claim as to fitness for any purpose or absence of any errors,
and offer no warranty.  Do not eat.

use of the first person (`I') in this document may be remnants of
earlier authors' comments.  please check this before assuming that
the current maintainer wrote everything herein (I didn't).


Subject: waffle: Spam
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

you wouldn't believe how much spam I get to this address.


Subject: waffle: Introduction
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

The intent of this document is to assemble, in one place, a general list
of Waffle-related Frequently Asked Questions.  It is not intended to be
all-inclusive, since no one document can replace the 400KB or so of
documents that come with Waffle.

Rather than repeat material maintained in other newsgroups, other periodic
postings, or the /waffle/docs directory, this document will attempt to
point the reader to the right place for information that is either too
complicated to describe here, or is kept up to date elsewhere.

In particular, lists of software packages available, their authors,
and their ftp locations are kept in the comp.os.msdos.mail-news FAQ.

This document includes information for the current official release of 
Waffle (v1.65, released Aug 1, 1992).

In many cases, the answer to a FAQ might be something along the lines of 
"you can't at v1.64 or before".  Version-specific answers are indicated 
whenever possible.

At this time, this document primarily addresses the DOS version of Waffle, 
but feel free to submit unix-Waffle FAQs to the address above for inclusion 
in the next posting.

Comments, additions, and corrections are welcomed (via e-mail please).

This FAQ should probably be split.  at least it's now a minimal digest.


Subject: waffle: Let's create a waffle replacement!
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

well, ok, if you must.  but the best group to discuss this, unless
you're planning on just a waffle clone (and why bother?  it's already
available) is probably NOT comp.bbs.waffle -- comp.os.msdos.mail-news
was created in part to get this discussion OUT of comp.bbs.waffle .


Subject: waffle: General information
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. What is Waffle ?

Waffle is a USENET-compatible BBS system which supports UUCP mail,
UUCP, and USENET news.  In addition, there is a built-in editor, file
upload/download, and the ability to hook in external programs and
gateway to (or from) other packages.

DOS Waffle supports (but does not require) external Fossil drivers to
allow use of high speed modems and allows an MSDOS PC to be a fully RFC
compliant USENET node.  It also provides the UUCP-based transport
mechanism that generally comes with unix systems.

Unix Waffle provides just the BBS functionality and requires the
'traditional' unix communications, mail, and USENET news software for
those functions.

See /waffle/docs/readme, unix.doc, and dos.doc for more details.

2. What operating systems does it run on ?

IBM-PCs and compatibles running MSDOS (which includes MS-Windows,
DR-DOS, Novell DOS, and OS/2 if you have enough memory).

Many variants of unix.  In particular, configuration options are already
in place for:  NeXT, BSD 4.2/4.3, A/UX, SUN, LINUX, IRIS, Ultrix, XENIX,
Interactive 386/ix, HP/UX, Altos 2000.  If you have one of these
environments, Waffle should just drop in with no problems.

3. When is the next version coming out?

No one knows.  Tom Dell has been very busy at work for quite a while,
and that has to take priority over working on waffle. The jump from 1.64
to 1.65 took a year and a half, and it's now been over six years since
1.65 came out.

Ralph Sims has posted about version 2.00 (worked on by more than Tom).

Hallowe'en was a traditional release date, but that was also missed
many times.


Subject: waffle: Licensing
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. Is Waffle free ?

In a word, no.

The DOS version is shareware that is made available in
binary form at many locations so you can `try before you buy'.

The UNIX version is available as source code only, and there
is no provision to `try before you buy'.  However, the look
and feel of the two versions are almost identical, so the DOS
version serves as a `try' version.

2. OK, so what's it cost ?

For non-commercial sites, DOS Waffle costs $30.00 (US) for 
binaries and $120.00 (US) for sources. The unix sources are 
$120.00 (US) for non-commercial sites.

Contact the author, Tom Dell  for info
about purchasing Waffle, or see /waffle/docs/register.doc from
the DOS distribution for more details.

===begin FAQ caption
   From: (Thomas Dell)
   Newsgroups: comp.bbs.waffle
   Date: 29 Aug 1995 15:44:52 -0700
   Message-ID: <420594$>

Use this address, , in the immediate
future to get ahold of me. There have been MX problems for
that are beyond my control.
===end FAQ caption

Sending him a cheque is probably best.  Mail is seldom returned.

3. What if I bought DOS binaries and I now want sources ?

You pay the difference between the binary fee you've paid
already and the cost of the source code.

4. Once I'm registered, can I upgrade to new versions for free ?

Yes, although you might have to download a copy rather than
expecting a floppy to come in the mail.


Subject: waffle: Availability
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. How can I get Waffle by ftp ?

  Anonymous ftp:

Waffle (DOS version) is available via anonymous ftp from
(the old) SimTel and its various mirror sites as follows:

There are other Coast/SimTel mirror sites.  See the periodic postings
in comp.archives.msdos.announce and news.answers for more details.

In addition, has a large waffle-related FTP area:

halcyon mirrors (keeps a current copy of) the (old) simtel waffle
files, the simtel offline-mail files, and the tau-ceti fx
suite.  it's your one-stop waffle ftp site.  be sure to send
mail to `ralphs' thanking him for donating the resources, and
to `hpage' for being the ongoing archivist.

2. What if I'm not on the Internet ?

  From the author's BBS:
The Dark Side of the Moon BBS      1.408.245.SPAM (7726) (Tom Dell)

  From (old) SimTel and mirrors via mail-based-archive-servers:
A number of sites run archive-servers to give non-Internet folks
the ability to do the equivalent of ftp-by-mail.

If you do not have FTP access to (old) SimTel, files may be ordered by
mail from:


   UUCP-style:          uunet!!listserv

Send this command to the server to get its help file:

NOTE: remember that if you request items from an archive-server
via mail, that your traffic goes through every system between the
server and you, and adds such load on each system.  Be courteous.

There are a number of periodic postings in news.answers that tell
how to get software via mail in far more detail than what is
provided here.

  From other BBS sites:
Via mail: (Steve Pershing):
                mail with text `help' to username `MailServer'

Available for downloading:

     (if you know of a disconnected number, PLEASE let me know)

   Last date someone said this worked: an eternity ago
        The Heart of Gold BBS
        +1 814 238-9633
        300-2400/v.32/v.32bis/ZyXEL 16.8k, free download on first call
        look in /file/ibm/bbs/waf*.zip
        [The Heart of Gold will be disappearing soon; if it's after
         May 1993 don't be surprised if it's gone.  Yup, I got a job.]

   Last date someone said this worked: an eternity ago
        New Life Forum
        +1 503 335-3053
        2400/v.32/v.32bis, free download on first call

   Last date someone said this worked: an eternity ago
        Wafflemania Unlimited
        +1 503 335-9600
        2400/v.32/v.32bis/HST 16.8k, free download on first call

   Last date someone said this worked: 1996-03-04
        Sea of Noise
        +1 860 886 1441
        2400-33600, download on first call

   Last date someone said this worked: 1996-03-28
        Calport BBS, Calcutta, INDIA
        +91 (33) 475-5884
        2400/v.32/v.32bis, free download on first call
        look in files/bbs/waffle/waf*.*


Subject: waffle: Support mechanism
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. How can I get questions answered ?

First, read or skim everything in /waffle/docs .

Then use a file-searching program to search for a few keywords that
might related to an answer.  Then try a few more.

Running a USENET site is not difficult, but it's also not trivial.
Running Waffle is not always immediately self-evident either.

The docs will help... a lot.  Yes, there is a lot to read, and yes, it
seems ponderous, but most of your questions are answered either in the
docs or in this FAQ.

Use of a version of `grep' to scan all the documents for keywords is
highly recommended, or looking in 1.65's new /waffle/docs/index .

2. Is there a USENET newsgroup for Waffle ?

Yes, comp.bbs.waffle (also known as `c.b.w'.)

Don't be shy, there's a lot of expertise in c.b.w .  That's what it's
there for.  However, be sure that you have looked through all the
documentation before posting your question; you will not be appreciated
if you ask a question that is clearly answered in the documentation (or
in the FAQ, for that matter.)

3. Can I get in touch with the author of Waffle ?

Yes.  [Updated answer:  unless you have a cheque, probably not]
[Further updated answer:  sometimes -- work seems to have become
much more reasonable]

Tom Dell reads comp.bbs.waffle, though he doesn't generally post too
often since he's quite busy.

He's also reachable via e-mail at .
Be aware that Tom gets *LOTS* of mail, so replies usually
take a while.  [lately, ranging from eternity to a few hours(!)]

In general, normal questions to comp.bbs.waffle will get quite a few
responses in a very timely manner.  There probably aren't too many
questions you can't get answered in c.b.w .

4. How many Waffle sites are there currently?

It's hard to say since there are sites that are unregistered, not in the
UUCP maps, and/or are mail-only and do not exchange news.

Occasionally, someone counted how many Waffle sites have posted
to USENET in the past 2 weeks.  Bill Fenner, and then Alan Brown:

        921029 930116 930216 930416 940816 941126
1.61:        2      1      2      1      0      0
1.63:        9      8      9      5      0      0
1.64:       81     44     57     46     18     14
1.65:      266    266    280    286    240    274
1.66:        0      0      0      0      0      1
           ---    ---    ---    ---    ---    ---
           358    320    348    339    258    289

(you can't trust the version numbers -- due to these counts being posted,
a few people have put out fake w166w headers...  although it looks like
the home site is sending them out for real.)

the counters now watch for other waffle-specific newsreaders, so the
`waffle' numbers are lower than the actual number of waffle sites.

the numbers used to be posted regularly, but I haven't seen any in a
long time.


Subject: waffle: 28k modems
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

how do I use a 28.8k (28800) modem with waffle?  it says that
everyone's modem is too slow to login now!

this is because of a signed-integer problem -- all speeds over
32767 are seen as negative.  if you lock your fossil driver at
38400 (the first `legal' speed that will handle 28800), waffle
will not let dialers connect.

to get around this, add a line like `slow: -32000' to your
static file.  the default is `300' (in 1.64), which will still
have the problem.

also, check your /speed= entries if using the 1.65-style UUCP
configuration files.


Subject: waffle: Mail
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. How can I route domainized mail for my uucp neighbor directly to them ?

Domain-based mail goes to your smarthost (as defined in static)
unless you override that route with an entry in paths.

If you mail to `friend@hostname.domain' and you're directly
connected to them via UUCP, you can force a direct delivery
with a /waffle/uucp/paths entry of :

        hostname.domain         hostname

2. What should I do with my headers?

Not a lot unless you know what you're doing.

In general, you want your `netmail' and `netnews' parameters in
static to result in valid headers, so that people can reply to you.

If you can do so, get into a domain and domainize all your headers.
It'll make your life easier and will do the same for people who
exchange mail with you.

The important thing to remember is that if you put a domain-style
address out without being domainized, people will probably not be
able to reply to your mail.  Just because an address looks good
doesn't make it valid.  Most notably, `user@onesite.twosite.uucp'
is invalid.

3. I'm not in a domain.  What should my headers look like ?

The work you put into getting a real domain address may easily be
less than the work you put into trying to figure out why people
from mismanaged or poorly-equipped sites can't reach you.

In general, you want to have an address that is a known-good route
from a known site.

Some possibilities are:

        All bang-path ===> some_known_host!your_site!you
                (i.e. mailfrom: psuvax1!%u!%A
                   or mailfrom: psuvax1!%n!%A)

        mixed format  ===> you%your_site.uucp@some_internet_site
                (i.e. mailfrom:
                (i.e. mailfrom: %u!
                   or mailfrom: %n!

        (All of the examples above assume something like:
                node: hogbbs.UUCP
                uucpname: hogbbs
         in your static file)

The actual format that works best for you depends on who you're
connected to and what their mailer can handle.

Note that the all bang-path format is not recommended for news;
sites running B News will mangle your article in such a way that
downstream sites running newer software will drop it on the floor.

4. I'm a single-user site. Should I register in the UUCP maps?

Yes, or get a domain name.  (FQDN==fully qualified domain name)

The bottom line is that if people try to mail to you, you want
your address to be reachable.  From Internet, you want to get
domainized and get a MX record if you can.


Until an error in rnews gets fixed, however, putting your FQDN in
news can cause news to not be fed IF your feed's news-header FQDN
is a strict substring of your news-header FQDN -- so you _have_
to go with the registered name in those cases.  (an example:  if
your news feed identifies itself as foo.domain, and your name is, rnews won't send your news out unless you get
tricky with options and your feed gets tricky with config files.)

From UUCP-only sites that don't touch Internet and don't care enough
about mail reliability to get a domain name, you need at least a map
entry (or a header that routes you through somebody with a map entry you
can trust).

Also, you shouldn't put anything in your Path: header between the `!'s
other than a FQDN or your _registered_ uucp name.  if you like the name
`foo' but don't register it, don't send out news that says:

  `Path: foo!user'

since the person who actually did the _right_ thing and registered foo
won't ever see your news -- and neither will the sites beyond that site,
probably.  What you _should_ have in this case is


by setting the `newsname' parameter in the STATIC file.

not to MENTION mail getting mixed up.

5. Can I display something other than the sender when listing mail ?

Yes, as of 1.65 you can specify the header you want to see when you do a
list of messages via the `listmail' item in waffle/system/static .
Unfortunately, this is not configurable per-user, only per-site.

6. Does Waffle support mail folders ?

Yes, as of 1.65.

If you have no new mail in your mailbox, you can say `mail *' to
get a list of mailboxes to read.

7. Can I use (my favorite mail program) ?

Some people have had luck with `readmail' for reading only,
and at 1.65 either mush or pc-elm should work for read/write.

Version 1.65 has MMDF-style mailboxes with messages separated
by four control-A's, so mush and pc-elm should be able to
read/write these messages, though you'll have to reindex your
mailbox with `makebox' or the like if you write to it.

8. Can I keep a record of all mail that comes into the system ?

Yes, create a file called `inbox' in /waffle/admin and all incoming mail
will be copied there. You can stash this file elsewhere via the rr.inbox
variable in the static file. See rmail.doc for more information...

9. Can I get FidoNet Netmail on my Waffle?

See question 12 under NEWS, for information about Erin/Amanda.

10. I tried to pipe a message into rmail, but it won't use the headers I

this from (Roy M. Silvernail)
(now :

Waffle rmail wants to see a From_ line as the  line in a mail
message.  The From_ line is structured

    "From user date/timestamp remote from site"

when you finally receive the mail item.  Only the "From user" portion is
required.  rmail constructs the remainder if it's not present.  rmail
uses this line as a marker, placing its own Received: header after it.
If the From_ line is not first, rmail constructs a default set of
headers, and appends all the supplied text as the message body.

Don't confuse the From_ line (where From is followed by a space) with
the From: line, which shows the sender's return address and GECOS entry
(fancy name for the realname field. Waffle calls it 'identity'). Both
are required for a well-formed mail message.

Other than putting the From_ line first, there is no particular order to
the headers.  rmail will fill in any required headers that are not
present (such as Date:) using information from the static file.  Be sure
to place one empty line after the headers.


Subject: waffle: Files section
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. How can I set the prompt in the files section ?

Use the `fileprom' static file parameter.  Try `fileprom : [$f] :'
as an example.  (it was undocumented before v1.65)

2. I use a Fossil driver and a 16550 UART with FIFOs enabled. After
     someone transfers a file, why does it seem as if characters are not
     being transmitted?

If you use DSZ, it directly accesses the UART, and uses the
FIFOs.  By default, it turns them OFF when it finishes. Since
Waffle doesn't reset the Fossil driver, it tries stuffing
characters into a buffer that's turned off.

The fix is to use the `F' flag on DSZ's command line in
/waffle/extern/_send and _receive:

Z /command="C:\waffle\bin\dsz F port %d est 0 %b sz -m %i",

or to use the new (as of 1.65) /reset flag on the extern to 
make Waffle reset the FOSSIL:

Z /command="C:\waffle\bin\dsz port %d est 0 %b sz -m %i" /reset

This can also affect file transfers using the built-in

3. People with priv 9 can access the file section fine, but people with
    normal access get `Validation is required to use the FILES section.'

Check your /waffle/system/dirs file.  This error occurs if
the user does not have access to the root file directory
(`files:' in the static file).  A sample from hogbbs's (working)


                files: f:/file


                1 /dir="f:/file" /access=1


Subject: waffle: Externals
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. How do they all work ?

Simple.  There's /waffle/extern/_system for the normal
commands, and you can add any command you want with any access
you want by adding a corresponding file to the /waffle/extern
directory.  The file that you create corresponds to the name of
the new command.  Be very careful regarding security, though,
as externs can be the least secure part of Waffle.

2. I use 4DOS, yet Waffle shells out to DOS, not 4DOS...

You need to change the command interpreter in /waffle/extern/_system
to use 4DOS rather than

3. If I implement Waffle as a door from another BBS, how can users exit
    from Waffle without dropping carrier?

First, disable the `exit' command in Waffle by adding the
following line to your static file.

        disable: exit

Then provide an external implementation of the exit command by
creating extern/exit with the following contents.

        /access=0 /logout=exit /log /exit=81

This causes Waffle to exit, without dropping the modem connection,
with errorlevel 81 (or whatever level you want to specify).  The
/access=0 ensures that all Waffle users can get back out once they
get in.  Then you just trap errorlevel 81 in the batch file that
started Waffle to go back to the other BBS.


Subject: waffle: Editors
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. What editors can I use ?

Locally, any editor your little 'ol heart desires that works
in pure ASCII (i.e., you could use WordPerfectOffice, but not
WordPerfect itself since that saves in a non-ASCII format normally).

Remotely, you have to be careful to use an editor that is ANSI
oriented and that doesn't do direct DOS screen I/O. Some editors
that are frequently used (and are available on (old) SimTel and
other fine archive sites) include:

        MEANSI     - MicroEmacs compiled to use ANSI mode.
        BBStevie   - vi clone
        FSED       - a very configurable editor that can be made to
                        look like just about any editor you want
        WWIVEDIT   - the editor for WWIV

Be aware that if you set up external editors for your remote users,
you might have a security risk on your hands.  Be sure that you
know whether your editor will let a remote user shell out to the
operating system or not, and that you're giving exactly the
privileges you mean to give out.

BBStevie in particular is designed to be configurable so that you
can prevent folks from getting to the shell (if you want) and you
can use the same binary to ALLOW some other folks shell access if
you want to do that, based on their Waffle access level.  BBStevie
can also restrict users to only editing files in their home directory.

2. How can I use different local and remote editors ?

At 1.65, you can define different local and remote editors from
within Waffle, so it's simple.  The STATUS command does not let
you edit your local editor, however; you have to ADMIN T .

Prior to 1.65, you should modify /waffle/extern/_editors to run
a batch file which gets passed the baud rate, and decides based
on that whether to run a local or remote editor.

3. Why does (some editor) work locally, but not remotely?

If you try BBStevie locally and it's fine, yet you get a blank
screen when you use it remotely, make sure that you do not have
an ansi driver loaded.  Some people have luck using PC Magazine's, which can be loaded and unloaded as part of a batch file
around your `waffle local username' command, so that there's no
ansi driver loaded by default for remote users.

Version 3.0 of BBStevie can use a FOSSIL driver to do its own 
modem i/o, so that you can use a local ANSI driver to handle 
local use and remote use will take care of itself.

4. How come STATUS / EDITOR still says there are no editors on the system,
    when I just added stuff to /waffle/extern/_edit?

You need to manually edit /waffle/menus/editors to reflect the
editors that are available on your system.  Make sure to include
a separate entry so that the user can select `none' to get back
to the internal editor.


Subject: waffle: News
From: cbwfaq@locutus.ofB.ORG

1. Can I keep a copy of all posts ?

Yes, look in static.doc and the USENET file distributed
with Waffle for /spy=monitor.  basically just have
`DEFAULT /spy=monitor' at the top of your waffle/system/usenet
file, and you'll probably be ok (unless you drastically
changed your `forums' static file entry).

2. Can I gateway mail to news ?

Absolutely.  You need to set up an alias in `aliases' that
looks something like the following:

        newsgroup-name  | post

To go the other way, add /mod="submission-address-of-mailing-list".

For example, I have the Pink Floyd mailing list gatewayed on
hogbbs to mail.echoes .  I got the list maintainer to send
the mailint list to, and have
the following entry in `aliases':

        echoes-list  | post mail.echoes

My definition for mail.echoes in my USENET file looks like:

        mail.echoes /name="The Pink Floyd Mailing List"

(That should all be on one line; it was split for inclusion
in the FAQ.)

3. Does Waffle provided threaded newsreading ?

Not at this time.  See the section on Aftermarket add-ons
for info on external newsreaders which do provide threaded

4. Does Waffle support kill files ?

Not at this time.  Meanwhile, check the section on Aftermarket
add-ons, as above.

5. Why do I see multiple copies of the same article ?

Because Waffle has no `real-news'-like history mechanism
at this time.  Waffle considers an article to be a duplicate
only if the local site is already in the path.  Even then, it
gets it wrong (substrings match where they shouldn't).

If you get a newsfeed of the same newsgroup from several Waffle
sites into your DOS Waffle, expect to see lots of duplicates :-(

History mechanism is currently planned (rumored) for v1.66.  It
is available now through Waffle C News (on halcyon).

Also, if you read two groups, and a message is crossposted to
both groups, the builtin newsreaders will show it to you twice.

There are several third-party solutions - see the section on
Aftermarket add-ons.

6. Why do my local postings not make it to USENET ?

check your /waffle/system/feeds file.  is there an entry for your feed
there, saying to send all newsgroups there?  if you have a /batch=
flag in that feeds entry, did you forget to run the `batch' command to
take the list of articles to go out, assemble them, compress them, and
queue them up for transmission?

you should call `batch' from your poll.bat or from cron via the
schedule file.

a simple `feeds' file for a leaf that connects to the site `smart' is:

    smart /batch=compress *

an almost-as-simple `feeds' file for a leaf that connects to the site
`smart' (which puts !! in their Path: headers) is:

    smart /batch=compress / *

the stages news articles go through are as follows:

  a. the article itself ends up in the news directories
       e.g., c:/waffle/news/comp/bbs/waffle/7 would be the article itself

     if this doesn't work:
       - things are fundamentally flawed
       - check DEFAULT and /dir= entries

  b. this filename ends up in the spool/compress directory
       e.g., c:/waffle/spool/compress/smart would contain one line:

     if this doesn't work:
       - check the feeds file as above
       - this assumes you're using `/batch=compress' somewhere in
         your feeds file
       - waffle rnews has errors -- search this FAQ for `substring'
         -- that can cause rnews to incorrectly not feed articles.
         you will either need to
         1. have your smarthost change its setup drastically
         2. register a UUCP name and put that in your Path: headers
            via the fairly-undocumented `newsname' parameter in STATIC
         3. switch to another `rnews'.

     if the .../spool/compress/smart file is huge
       - perhaps you're `backfeeding' -- feeding the news right back
         to the site you got it from.  if so, you need to use the
         `/path=' option in your feeds file, as above.

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