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Archive-name: new-zealand-faq
Posting-frequency: monthly, a pointer is posted to s.c.n-z on Mondays.
Last-modified: 12 November 1996

This is the list of Frequently Asked Questions, and
some hopefully useful answers.

It should be possible to find the latest edition of this FAQ at:

  ***        PLEASE DON'T E-MAIL CONTRIBUTIONS TO ME         ***
  ***      E-mailed contributions will NOT be included       ***
  ***    E-mailed requests/questions will NOT be answered    ***
  ***   Replies to this message go back into the newsgroup   ***

I am NOT here to supply information on request or research obscure topics.
I merely compile the information from the newsgroup and add whatever I
think may be useful or relevant.  If you really can't look something up for
yourself, *ask in the newsgroup*!

Like many people in New Zealand (and some other parts of the world) I pay
for my e-mail by volume, both incoming and outgoing.  E-mailing a request
to someone you don't know without an invitation is often NOT appreciated.
I very seldom respond to such mail.  It particularly annoys me to receive
requests for information which is in the faq...

Contributions and comments are welcomed, but PLEASE POST THEM to s.c.n-z so
that others can comment on their accuracy/relevance.  If you quote bits of
the faq for context, please keep it to a minimum.


I correct and amend the FAQ as information and time come to hand and post
it on the tenth of each month.  The subject line on the FAQ and the weekly
reminder will be constant for the convenience of those who wish to killfile

Hopefully this FAQ will reduce the number of requests from people who want
to know all about NZ but can't be bothered finding a NZ embassy or travel
agent or want all replies by mail 'because they don't read this group very

My thanks to the contributors (listed at the end of section 2) without whom
I couldn't (and wouldn't) have compiled this.  Please remember that most of
this stuff is quoted so I may not be to blame for factual errors! :-)







    A1.1  On The Net
    A1.2  Elsewhere
        A1.2.1  Overseas Offices of the NZ Tourism Board
        A1.2.2  Traditional sources (libraries, newspapers, etc.)
    A2.1  NZ Consulates/Embassies Overseas
    A2.2  How Do I Get News From Home?
    A2.3  Expatriate Organisations?



    B1.1  Where Is NZ?
        B1.1.1  General
        B1.1.2  Statistics
        B1.1.3  Dependencies
        B1.1.4  Time Zones
    B1.2  The Landscape
        B1.2.1  General
        B1.2.2  Miscellaneous Figures
        B1.2.3  Flora and Fauna
        B1.2.4  Climate
    B2.1  A Short History
    B2.2  Maoritanga
        B2.2.1  The Moriori Question
        B2.2.2  Guide to Maori pronunciation
    B2.3  Demography
        B2.3.1  General
        B2.3.2  Major Cities
        B2.3.3  Age Distribution
        B2.3.4  Ethnicity
        B2.3.5  Official Languages
        B2.3.6  Religions
    B3.1  The Political Scene
        B3.1.1  Why 'New Zealand'
        B3.1.2  Constitution
        B3.1.3  Form of Government
        B3.1.4  The Justice System
        B3.1.5  Organisation Membership
    B3.2  Economy
        B3.2.1  Defence Against Silly Questions
        B3.2.2  Current Status
        B3.2.3  Currency
        B3.2.4  Stockmarket
        B3.2.5  Interest Rates
        B3.2.6  Taxes
        B3.2.7  Miscellaneous Prices
    B3.3  Life In General
        B3.3.1  Business Hours
        B3.3.2  Tipping
        B3.3.3  Cost of Living
            B3.3.3.1  Rent
            B3.3.3.2  Wages
            B3.3.3.3  Transport
            B3.3.3.4  Food
            B3.3.3.5  Consumer goods
        B3.3.4  Crime
        B3.3.5  Finding a job
        B3.3.6  Schools and Education
        B3.3.7  Universities
            B3.3.7.1  Teaching focus
            B3.3.7.2  Addresses
            B3.3.7.3  The University Hierarchy
            B3.3.7.4  Postgrad Study
        B3.3.8  Health
            B3.3.8.1  Water Supply
        B3.3.9  Communications
        B3.3.10  Misc
    B3.4  Holidays
        B3.4.1  National
        B3.4.2  Regional
    B3.5  Technical Stuff
        B3.5.1  Electricity
        B3.5.2  TV info
        B3.5.3  Video Conversion
        B3.5.4  Bringing Computers In
        B3.5.5  Telephone
        B3.5.6  Radio
    B4.1  Travel To NZ
        B4.1.1  Travel Details
        B4.1.2  Agricultural Restrictions
            B4.1.2.1  Animal Quarantine
        B4.1.3  Overseas Embassies in NZ
    B4.2  Immigration Stuff, Points System
        B4.2.1  Assessment for the General Category
        B4.2.2  Employability
        B4.2.3  Work Experience
        B4.2.4  Age
        B4.2.5  Settlement Factors
        B4.2.6  Business Investment Category
        B4.2.7  Importing a Car
    B5.1  Info Sources
        B5.1.1  Tourism Board
        B5.1.2  Maps
    B5.2  Accommodation
        B5.2.1  Youth Hostel Association
        B5.2.2  Backpackers
    B5.3  Transport
        B5.3.1  Cycling/Sea kayaking
        B5.3.2  Hitchhiking
        B5.3.3  Renting a car/campervan
        B5.3.4  Train Services
        B5.3.5  Cook Strait Ferry
        B5.3.6  Coach Travel
        B5.3.7  Driving
        B5.3.8  Commercial Tours
        B5.3.9  Flying
    B5.4  Misc Info
        B5.4.1  Film Developing



    C3.1  Places
        C3.1.1  Parks and Tracks
        C3.1.2  Beaches, etc.
        C3.1.3  Distinctive Features
        C3.1.4  Archaeology/Historical/Heritage Sites
        C3.1.5  Places To Go To
        C3.1.6  Places To Avoid
        C3.1.7  Temporary Attractions
    C3.2  Activities
        C3.2.1  Tramping
        C3.2.2  Skiing
        C3.2.3  Climbing/mountaineering
        C3.2.4  Watersports
        C3.2.5  Whale/Dolphin Watching
        C3.2.6  Pubs To Go To/Nightlife
        C3.2.7  Anything Else????
    C4.1  Sport
        C4.1.1  Why do New Zealander Sportspeople Wear Black?
    C4.2  Food
        C4.2.1  What is Vegemite/Marmite?
        C4.2.2  Pavlova recipe
        C4.2.3  The Edmonds Cook Book
        C4.2.4  Laying A Hangi
    C4.3  National Anthems
    C4.4  The Gumboot Song
    C4.5  Some Works by NZ Authors
    C4.6  Other Bits
    C5.1  Cinema
        C5.1.1  Films
        C5.1.2  People
    C5.2  Music
        C5.2.1  Pop/rock bands
        C5.2.2  Blues
        C5.2.3  Country
        C5.2.4  Classical
    C5.3  Literature
    C5.4  Fine Art
    C5.5  Humour
    C5.6  Other...



The only record I have of the history of is this
copy of the CFD, kindly passed on through various people.  It appears the
archives of the original material may have been lost, and as this is a
repost (of sorts) I'm not sure how any of the details relate to the


Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,soc.culture.australian,
From: (Graeme Williams)
Subject: CFD:
Date: 25 Feb 91 04:41:44 GMT
[ I have the rest of the header if it'd be useful ]

Z*******Z******* CFD:   A New Zealand culture group   *******Z*******Z

This is a call for a discussion regarding the creation of a new
newsgroup devoted to "New Zealand culture". Here is what I propose:

NAME:  This will need to be decided on, several suggestions are:


MODERATION STATUS:  The group would be unmoderated.


 The group will provide a forum for discussion of topics
 related to New Zealand. In particular such things as:

  News, politics, Maori and Pacific Island culture, music, sport,
  events, films, telly, jobs, farming, the enviroment, economics,
  tourism, places to see, trade, education, bungy jumping, pavlovas,
  the Goodnight Kiwi and Wal and the dog in Footrot Flats.

 In short anything and everything Kiwi, or related to NZ.

 Contributions and queries from people other than New Zealanders
 will also be most welcome.


 I have had rather a lot of positive feedback via email regarding
 the creation of this group, some very enthusiastic. What I would
 like to see now is some discussion on the net amongst the various
 people interested. In particular we will need to decide on a name
 for the group.

 I have set the Followup-to: field to news.groups so all discussion
 regarding this proposal should take place there.

 So, if you're interested and don't subscribe to news.groups, SUBSCRIBE
 to it NOW! I want to hear publicly from all you Kiwis (and others
 interested) scattered few and far between all over the globe. Shake
 off the traditional Kiwi apathy cos "she'll be right" won't work
 here on the net. Get those fingers typing and tell us what you think.


Graeme Williams - a Kiwi in Canada


That's it.  Any comments or contributions to this introduction would be
appreciated.  Please post as usual...






Subject: A1.1  On The Net

Anyone searching for people in NZ might like to try searching the online
telephone directory first.  Try pointing your Web browser at:


Follow this newsgroup!  You might also want to investigate the nz.* groups
(if they are available to you) particularly nz.general.  Corrections for
any of these addresses would be appreciated.

The faq is available from numerous sites, including:

 ftp site:
      dir:  /pub/ibmpc/misc
including the internet access faq and immigration eligibility software.

For those who want to know who is able to be contacted in New Zealand, Mark
Davies of Victoria University has put the list of New Zealand Internet
connected sites on the web at:

Other info about NZ is available via WWW from:

Michael Witbrock's NZ pages at

and Sam Sampson says:
"We now have Stewart Island Pages on the akika tour of nz.  Site is: Island/


Philip Greenspun's file (illustrated with 25 JPEG photos):
 then click on "email from New Zealand" and all the old stuff is there.


Jennifer George's pages:
Obscurities/infrequently asked questions;
and home page


Pat Cain's ftp site/web page:
including the Internet Access in NZ FAQ, Tony Sutorius' NZ Internet Typical
User Profiles FAQ and BBS Listings for Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu,
Wellington and Christchurch.


David Lobb's site:


Jon Clarke's site:

Library sites throughout NZ.

National Library of New Zealand:

New Zealand Library Catalogues:

New Zealand Library and Information Association:
which gives details of the organisation, and links to related sites.

Canterbury Public Library:

University of Auckland:

University of Waikato:

Victoria University of Wellington:

University of Canterbury:

Lincoln University:
and their alphabetical list of NZ WWW Home Pages at:

University of Otago:

Library servers on the web:

Other sites:

A list of newspaper sites is at the end of section 1.2.2.

The Wizard of New Zealand (also known as the Wizard of Christchurch) is
pleased to announce that he will shortly reveal his master plans on a WWW
homepage.  Comments welcome to:

For the ftp and WWW challenged; to get the FAQ (or any of the other WWW
files mentioned), in ASCII form, send email to:
with the body of the message reading

A message to the same address containing only the 'word' WWW will give you
some useful help and other options, such as retrieving batches of files
and/or pictures, etc.

Also, a recent copy may be obtained by mailing a request to Mark Moir
( and asking very nicely.

Also, try Gopher:
 gopher://  (The Wellington City Council)

A quick check of gopherspace used to tell you all you never needed to know
about someone but it appears that Lincoln and Waikato both intend to phase
out their gopher servers.  Some universities have a database of email
addresses available.  Try:
which will send you to home pages (and all sorts of info including snail
mail) of universities in NZ.


Subject: A1.2  Elsewhere

A1.2.1  Overseas Offices Of The New Zealand Tourism Board


Prudential Finance House,
84 Pitt Street,
NSW 2000
Ph (02) 231 1322, 221 7333
GP Box 614,2100 Sydney

Ground Floor, 288 Edwards St
GPO 2634, Brisbane, Queensland 4001
Ph (00617) 221 3176
Fax (00617) 221 7289

Level 19 Comco Office Tower
644 Chapel Street, South Yarra
Ph (00613) 823 6283

New Zealand House,
Ph (071) 973 0363

6000 Frankfurt am Main 1,
Ph (069) 288 189
Fax (069) 281 482

Toho Twin tower Building,
2nd Floor,
1-5-2 Yurakucho C
Hiyoda-ku 100
Ph (03) 508-9981

13 Nassam Rd,
Singapore 1025
Ph 2359966

3414 Jardine House,
1 Connaught Place,
Ph (05) 255 044

501 Santa Monica Blvd 300,
Santa Monica CA 90401
Ph 1 800 3885494
Fax (310) 395 5453

Suite 1206,
432 Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 10016
Ph (001212) 447 0550
Fax (001212) 447 0558

1200 - 888 Dunsmuir Street,
Vancouver, B.C., V6C 3K4
ph (604) 684-2117
fax (604) 684-1265

Air New Zealand also has offices at 1250 - 888 Dunsmuir Street
ph (604) 640-4600


A1.2.2  Traditional Sources (libraries, newspapers, etc.)

Check libraries, travel agents, embassies, consulates.  Year books,
almanacs, census data(?) etc. are all usually available.

The Lonely Planet guide has been described as 'very helpful'.

The following book has been suggested as a useful source of information:
 New Zealand - a travel survival kit
 by Tony Wheeler
 published by Lonely Planet Publications

The following CD is available:

New Zealand Encyclopedia (TVNZ): An encyclopedia of NZ that covers lots of
different areas.  Over 1200 illustrations, 20 maps, over 20 minutes of
videos (1994 version).

Available from:
 The Electric Book Co.
 PO Box 34-422
 Auckland 10
 New Zealand
 Ph/fax 64-9-4159343

If all else fails, try the:

Auckland Information Bureau/Auckland Information Centre
Aotea Sq
299 Queen St
PO Box 7048
Auckland 1

Phone  366 6888
Fax    366 6893? 358 4648?  (Hey Lin!  Which of these is right???)

Wellington Info Centre
Phone  801 4000
Fax    801 3030

Wellington is included because if you know how to send a fax via e-mail,
use Wellington's fax number.  They probably can't email you back.

Christchurch Info Centre
Phone  379 9629
Fax    377 2424

Lincoln University library keeps (or kept?) a list of all the NZ
magazines/newspapers at:


Newspaper Contact Information

New Zealand Major Daily Newspapers: (>25,000 Circulation)
Newspaper                 Postal Box       City         Circulation
                          Phone        Mngmnt Fax   Editorial Fax
New Zealand Herald   (M)  PO Box 32        Auckland         238,000
                          09/379-5050  09/303-0265  09/366-1568
Otago Daily Times    (M)  PO Box 181       Dunedin           48,000
                          03/477-4760  03/477-5120  03/477-1313
The Daily News            PO Box 444       New Plymouth      29,000
                          06/758-0559  06/758-4653  06/758-6849
The Dominion         (M)  PO Box 3740      Wellington        67,000
                          04/474-0222  09/474-0584  04/474-0350
The Evening Post     (M)  PO Box 3740      Wellington        69,000
                          04/474-0222  04/474-0584  04/474-0237
The Press            (M)  Private Bag      Christchurch     100,000
                          03/379-0940  03/364-8496  04/364-8492
The Southland Times       PO Box 805       Invercargill      33,000
                          03/218-1909  03/218-4349  03/214-9905
Waikato Times             Private Bag 3086 Hamilton          41,000
                          07/849-6180  07/849-9554  07/849-9603

New Zealand Other Daily Newspapers: (<25,000 Circulation)
Newspaper                 Postal Box       City         Circulation
                          Phone        Mngmnt Fax   Editorial Fax
Ashburton Guardian        PO Box 77        Ashburton          6,300
                          03/308-3089  03/308-9855
Bay of Plenty Times       Private Bag      Tauranga          21,000
                          07/578-3059  07/578-0047
Daily Post                PO Box 1442      Rotorua           13,000
                          07/348-6199  07/349-0959  07/346-0153
Evening News              PO Box 92        Dannevirke         2,700
                          06/374-7081  06/374-9353
Evening Standard          PO Box 3         Palmerston North  24,000
                          06/356-9009  06/350-9525  06/357-6316
Evening Star              PO Box 3         Greymouth          5,600
                          03/768-7121  03/768-6205
Hawkes Bay Herald Tribune PO Box 180       Hastings          20,000
                          06/878-5155  06/876-0655  06/878-5668
Northland Times           PO Box 96        Dargaville         2,900
                          09/439-8209  09/439-6505
Te Awamutu Courier        PO Box 1         Te Awamutu             ?
                          07/871-5151  07/871-3675
The Daily Telegraph       PO Box 343       Napier            16,000
                          06/835-4488  06/835-6786  06/835-1129
The Ensign                PO Box 182       Gore                   ?
                          03/208-9280  03/208-9594
The Gisborne Herald       PO Box 1143      Gisborne           9,700
                          06/868-6655  06/867-8048
The Levin Chronicle       PO Box 547       Levin              6,400
                          06/368-5109  06/368-2366
The Nelson Mail           PO Box 244       Nelson            19,000
                          03/548-7079  03/546-2849  03/546-2802
The Northern Advocate     PO Box 210       Whangarei         15,000
                          09/438-2399  09/430-5669  09/430-5665
The Oamaru Mail           PO Box 343       Oamaru                 ?
                          03/434-9970  03/434-9723
The Timaru Herald         PO Box 46        Timaru            15,000
                          03/684-4129  03/688-1042
Wairarapa Times-Age       PO Box 445       Masterton          9,100
                          06/378-9999  06/378-2839  06/378-2371
Wairoa Star               PO Box 41        Wairoa                 ?
                          06/838-7194  06/838-6973
Wanganui Chronicle        PO Box 433       Wanganui          15,000
                          06/345-3919  06/345-3232
Westport News             PO Box 249       Westport           2,200
                          03/789-7319  03/789-7203

New Zealand Non-daily Newspapers:

Newspaper                 Postal Box       City         Circulation
                          Phone        Mngmnt Fax   Editorial Fax
Clutha Leader         (N) PO Box 45        Balclutha          2,500
                          03/418-1115  03/418-1173
Marlborough Express   (N) PO Box 242       Blenheim          10,000
                          03/578-6059  03/577-6006  03/578-0497
National Business Review* (W) PO Box 1734  Auckland          13,000
                          09/307-1629  09/373-3997
Northern News         (W) PO Box 1         Kaikohe                ?
                          09/401-0123  09/401-2129
Sunday News*          (W) PO Box 1409      Auckland         119,000
                          09/302-1300  09/366-4670  09/358-3003
Sunday Star-Times*    (W) PO Box 1409      Auckland         195,000
                          09/302-1300  09/366-4670  09/309-0258
The Independent*   (W) 17 Victoria St West Auckland          10,000
                          09/303-3534  09/303-2999
The New Truth*        (W) PO Box 1409      Auckland          35,000
                          09/302-1300  09/366-4670  09/309-2279
Whakatane Beacon      (N) PO Box 243       Whakatane          8,600
                          07/308-8129  07/307-0719

Type Note: Provincial Daily unless: (M) Metropolitian Daily
                                    (N) Non-Daily (ie. 2-5 times/week)
                                    (W) Weekly
Distrubution Note: * = Nationwide Circulation

The above information was kindly supplied by the NZPA & INL via Tony Randle
For further information, please contact the NZPA.
Phone: 04/472-7910
Facsimile: 04/478-1625
Postal Address PO Box 1599, Wellington


Email addresses (some may be EMail to fax gateways).

The owner of most of the above newspapers, INL has the site

Waikato Times
The Dominion (the weekly computer section)
The Evening Post (empty page still?)
The Press
Otago Daily Times (a domain name registered but inoperative as yet)


Above and beyond all this, apparently you can read newspapers all over the
world at:




Subject: A2.1  NZ Consulates/Embassies Overseas

Chase up a phone book.  There are embassies and consulates all over the
place.  In countries where there are no New Zealand representatives, the UK
representatives usually look after the interests of NZ nationals by

For callers in the U.S. the New Zealand Tourism Board has a 24 hour number;
1-800-388-5494.  Leave your name, address and particular interests and lots
of free information on New Zealand will be mailed to you.  During regular
California business hours it might even be possible to get a real person on
the line.

New Zealand Embassy in Haymarket (UK):

0171-930 8422
0891-200 288
0171-973 0366
0171-973 0368

New Zealand Embassy in Washington D. C.:

37 Observatory Circle, N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20008
Phone: (202) 328-4800

(Is this place open?)
NZ Embassy
Suite 1206,
432 Park Avenue South,
New York, NY 10016
Phone: (212) 447 0550
Fax:   (212) 447 0558

NZ Consulate General
NZ Tourist Board
780 Third Avenue, Suite 1904
New York, NY 10017-2024
Phone: (212) 832-8482
Fax:   (212) 832-7602

They opened a couple of months ago.  The NZ Tourism Board office at the
same address has been open for business (to travel agents only) for several
years.  The office hopes to have full consular capacity "shortly".
Currently it gives advice, dispenses forms and "aids distressed travelling
Kiwis".  The East Coast Manager is Anna Synolt and Peter MacDonald
( heads the office.

There's a new e-mail address for the New York NZ Consulate/TRADENZ et al.:

It should be noted that the NY NZ Consulate only answers questions and
distributes forms.  All processing - issuing visas, renewing passports etc.
- is performed at the Washington DC High Commission.  The NY NZ Tourist
Board deals only with travel agents etc. and will not answer questions from

The West Coast Consulate:

New Zealand Consulate-General
Suite 1150
12400 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles
CA 90025
Phone: (310) 207-1605
Fax:   (310) 207-3605

Mr. Terence Charles Baker is listed as Consul General.

There is also a New Zealand Tourism Board located in Santa Monica, phone
1-310-395-748.  Try also (is this valid???):

NZ Embassy
501 Santa Monica Blvd 300,
Santa Monica CA 90401
Phone: 1 800 388 5494
Fax:   (310) 395 5453

And in Canada, there is the:

New Zealand High Commission
Phone: (613) 238-5991
Fax:   (613) 238-5707

There are consul offices listed for the District of Columbia, Tennessee,
Guam, and Washington State.


Subject: A2.2  How Do I Get News From Home?

Check the notes on ftp sites; some current news may be archived there.

Read, and nz.general if you can get it.  A weekly
summary of NZ News is compiled and posted to by the
generous Brian Harmer (usually on Sundays).  These postings are all
archived on the WWW at  To get a personal
e-mail copy of the postings, send mail to:
with the line:
 subscribe nznews  
in the *BODY* of the message.

"The New Zealander " is a new full colour weekly tabloid available in
Australia for A$2.95.  Like other publications we know of, the Dominion,
and the Evening Post are among the sources of its articles, although it can
presumably print articles verbatim.

(I'll be interested to hear what Australian WYSIWYG readers think - BH)

TVNZ has established a web page for those who want to see recent news
items.  Comment has been mixed, and like most graphic-laden pages is slow
to load.  Try

There is a thing called a NewZgram.  It's like an aerogram but is printed
with excerpts of news about NZ, including sections about sport, health,
business, etc.  It's 4 sides of a page long, sent fortnightly).

Subscription Prices:           24 issues (12 months)
NZ address surface           NZ$36
Australia/Sth Pacific - air  NZ$55
Rest of world - air          NZ$67

The address is:

Peak Communications Ltd
PO Box 54046
New Zealand
Phone/Fax 64/4/2399123


PO Box 3882
Christchurch, NZ
Phone - 3-3559222
Fax 3-3559337

Then there is:

New Zealand News UK is an Independent Weekly newspaper, covering NZ
news/current events, United Kingdom jobs, NZ jobs, travel, migrating to NZ,
shipping and accommodation/entertainment in London.  There is apparently
also a version called 'Overseas' with lots of info about visa requirements,
etc. for Brits wishing to travel.  Try calling NZ News on 0171 930 6451.

NZ news is available free in London and by subscription elsewhere. It does
contain a fair bit of London specific news, but has some quite good
features on Emigrating and NZ lifestyles for people thinking of making a
move to NZ.  Prices in Pounds Sterling.

        3 Months        6 Months        1 Year
UK        8.90          16.40          28.00
Europe   12.00          23.00          38.50
World    20.80          40.50          57.75

Make your cheque payable to New Zealand News UK and send it to:

Circulation Manager,
New Zealand News UK,
PO Box 10, Berwick upon Tweed,
Northumberland TD15 1BW

Phone/Fax: (44) 0289 306677

Or, have a look at the new net version:
which apparently has no pictures, but a good selection of sports news.


Subject: A2.3  Expatriate Organisations?

There's an organisation in HK called the New Zealand Society.  Point of
contact is either the NZ Consulate in Central HK (Jardine House) or Grant
Baird at a restaurant called Landaus.  They meet regularly and it's fairly

There's a Kiwi Club of New York for those interested in such things.

Kiwi Club of New York
780 Third Avenue, Suite 1904
New York, NY 10017-2024

Phone (212) 832-4038 x222 (Brenda Henderson)

The club's secretary is Beatrice Cheer at who can
occasionally be found in s.c.n-z.



Public internet access is available from a growing number of sources

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